Choosing a career is not easy, knowing what you want to do in the future should be chosen with caution and above all, study something that makes you happy.  If your thing is the health sciences that focus on the care of patients and their care within a hospital and you imagine yourself collaborating with doctors, we have the perfect career for you, we will tell you why studying nursing is a great option.

What is the nursing degree?

Nursing is part of the science of health, which is responsible for the care and attention of patients, assessing their physical, social and psychological state. The degree in nursing consists of training students to develop techniques for patient care.

As a student, you will be able to acquire reflective and critical knowledge that will give you the tools to carry out diagnoses, prescribe treatment and prevent diseases for patients of all ages. In addition, you will know the different procedures for first aid, emergency and for infections.

What are the specialties of nursing?

You will wonder why study nursing and not for a doctor, well we tell you that nursing is a fundamental part of health care and in support of professionals that range from the administration of drugs, the maintenance of vital supports, rehabilitation therapies, etc. Being one of the most demanded degrees due to its importance, it therefore has several specialties.

Once you finish your degree, you can specialize in one of the branches of nursing, such as:

  • Obstetric – gynecological nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Work nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Healthcare Nursing – Surgical
  • Practical nursing
  • Family and community nursing
  • Military infirmary
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Oncology Nursing

Main functions of a nursing graduate

In the nursing profession, a great variety of functions must be carried out, in addition to having the skills to be able to care for a patient, you must make more complex decisions focused on the well-being of this.

Basic functions : One of its basic functions is to attend to the patient in all aspects, from preparing his room and bed ensuring that he is comfortable, you must also be aware of his personal hygiene such as bathing, oral hygiene, skin hydration, also assisting him in your diet and what you need.

Administrative functions: These functions will be delegated by the doctors, complying with the instructions given, such as the administration of medications, if they need a bandage and more. Likewise, they must closely observe the health of each patient, any anomaly or improvement in health to later report it to their superiors.

Another type of functions that they must perform will be to take care of the clinical files, clinical history in order to offer correct medical assistance, on the other hand, if necessary they will support the medical staff in surgical interventions.

diploma jururawat

Advantages of studying nursing at the undergraduate level

There are levels of studies for this profession and they are quite different, one is a nursing technician and a nursing degree, both have great differences. Here we will explain why study nursing at the undergraduate level.

Studying the degree will give you the accessibility to acquire more knowledge and responsibilities, having a more robust education that will give you the opportunity to get a better job, with a higher salary.

Thanks to the diploma jururawat you will be able to study a postgraduate degree or a specialty that will help you boost your professional career, achieving better positions and you will have the methodological bases for conducting research in the field of nursing.

You will have the opportunity to lead nursing services at the different levels of the health service system, achieving positions with greater category and responsibility.