Smart Disinfection Stick Choices: What You Need

A manual disinfection of the location is then performed by experts who are outfitted with personal protective equipment, specialized equipment, and an ultra-effective disinfectant solution designed specifically for surfaces. Consequently, they must travel through all polluted rooms and locations, as well as clean any points of contact.

Specialized cleaning will be required for areas that have been polluted with body fluids such as blood, urine, vomit, and excrement from human beings. These fluids have the potential to infiltrate through porous surfaces and into places that are difficult to identify for individuals who have not received enough training. Standard cleaning techniques are unable to effectively disinfect. Using the conventional technique of spraying substance onto a surface and wiping it off, for example, can only disinfect 50% of the surfaces it comes into contact with.

Disinfection is very necessary

Personal cleanliness and isolation are the most effective ways of combating the coronavirus pandemic and breaking the chain of transmission that it has triggered. The virus may stay on some surfaces for many days before posing a threat to other individuals who may be in the same building at the time.

Managers of institutions or companies that want to restore the security of contaminated (or possibly contaminated) areas must use cleaning and disinfection procedures to accomplish this goal.

In this way, the expert disinfection services provided by Rentokil Initial ensure the use of the most suitable methods, equipment, and materials. The solution is efficient against 99.9999 percent of viruses, bacteria, and fungicides, allowing you to disinfect the affected regions fast and effectively, while also supporting the operation of your establishment's operations.

Babies and toddlers often share their toys and put them in their mouths, increasing the likelihood of the transmission of infectious diseases. Playgrounds and toy storage spaces should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis in order to minimize these hazards. Check that the disinfectants you use are safe and appropriate for children's toys, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the required dilution and period of contact with the toys.

  • Rigid plastic toys should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • After the play session is over, place the toys in a trash can to be cleaned and disinfected later.
  • Clean and disinfect the trash at the same time as you clean and disinfect the toys.
  • Before using a disinfectant, thoroughly clean the toys with hot soapy water.
  • Cracks and hard-to-reach places should be cleaned using a brush.
  • Make sure to thoroughly rinse the toys under running water since soap may counteract the disinfectant's impact.
  • Allow the toys to soak in the disinfectant for the necessary amount of time before using them.


Dr. Clo is a United states food and drug Class 1 Hospital Grade disinfection product that is intended to offer surface and airborne protection, creating a barrier against bacteria and viruses. Dr. Clo Malaysia is a disinfectant product that is designed to do is provide surface and airborne protection. Nanotechnology that has been patented operates continuously for up to 8 weeks and has a radius of 15 square metres, leaving no residues in the air or on surfaces, and it is non-toxic.

angle iron malaysia

Vast Array of Raw Materials and Their Uses in Construction

The usage of stone as a construction material may be traced back thousands of years. In reality, the term "megalithic civilization," which refers to the earliest manifestations of human construction activity, was coined specifically to describe the look of the remnants, which have come to us in the shape of massive structures built of natural boulders and of immense scale. Natural stones for use in building have been around for millions of years and offer remarkable properties like as resistance, compactness, and longevity. Natural stones are used in a variety of construction applications.

Textile materials are those that are made of fibres

In recent years, we have been able to observe the development of movable façade systems, which are intended to provide solar shade, and which consist of vertical or horizontal orientable pieces made of textile materials and which can be moved about (as well as wood, metallic or glassy). Some tests with dynamic and kinetic facades, which were carried out using textile materials, have previously been carried out, and the results indicate that there is a significant amount of potential. Another element of great interest in the use of technological textiles in architecture is the potential of employing both closed and open mesh materials on the facades, in a variety of colors, which is another aspect of tremendous interest. Along with that, for the plumbing works, the use of angle iron malaysia comes essential.

angle iron malaysia

The Other Elements

Another element of great interest in the use of technological textiles in architecture is the potential of employing both closed and open mesh materials on the facades, in a variety of colors, which is another aspect of tremendous interest.

There are values and major features of the materials listed for each of them, such as average duration, resistance to ageing and dirt, translucency, flame resistance, bending resistance, building expenses, and applications that should be used with the materials. In these interventions, we consider the figurative and chromatic value of the surfaces, make use of texture, the perceptual qualities of the coatings, play with structural lightness and transparency, reflections, and other details that contribute to making architecture live in its environment, all through materials and technologies that cause relationships, interference, and interaction.

The notion of sensoriality is intertwined with the concept of transformability. As a result, the structure may be transformed into a screen that emits lights, colors, and noises while also communicating information.

Glass Usages and More

Glass is without a doubt the most widely used material for achieving transparency and light, and it is also one of the most often utilized façade components in modern architecture. A great deal of progress has been achieved in the development of 'smart' reactive glass.

The "smart glasses" are materials that are capable of reacting dynamically to changes in the surrounding environment, resulting in a high degree of comfort within the building.

The following are some of the advantages:

  • improved control over the light's contribution
  • improved control of energy requirements improved minimization of energy losses
  • Improved energy usage optimization, as well as innovative design and useful technological solutions


If the user so desires, these windows may be self-regulating or electrically actuated, depending on the situation. In order to react to environmental stimuli, smart glasses must be able to change the features of transparency, brightness, coloration, and degree of protection from solar radiation, while keeping their structural qualities intact. In particular, its use in residential and architectural civil construction, particularly for future structures that will be oriented toward the sustainability of natural resources and energy conservation, is appropriate.

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The Benefit of Video Marketing Production for Your Business

Using videos is quite common these days as they are known to be more effective than pure writings. In fact, online videos are now even more visible and so, they can help a great deal in your digital marketing campaign. Because of this, you need an online marketing agency in Malaysia, such as Republic digital marketing. Videos are now quite popular especially in the business world. They are now even used to market some products. 

online marketing agency malaysia

The thing with videos is that you can relay a good message in just a matter of seconds and you can even use it multiple times. That means, you only need to invest once. That is right, instead of hiring someone to talk and orient every new employee, a training video is just used to that. And this method is now really getting more popular because of its many benefits. 

Here are some benefits of training videos:

  • The price alone will already cause a big impact. You see, if you hire a trainer, you also need to feed him, pay for his travel expenses and so on. if the training will last for a number of days, and if he needs to move to different locations, then you will be the one shouldering everything. However, if you will just use a training video, you can easily make a number of copies and distribute them to where they should be. 
  • Time spent is another matter. With in-house training, they really need to just focus on the training that is done in a designated location during office hours. But that is not the case when you will just use a training video. With training videos, they can be watched during their free time like before they will get to work. Aside from that, important points will be compressed in a simpler form so that they will only run for a short time. 
  • When actual training is done, because they are done by different people, even if the thought might be the same still each one varies in their styles and ways of presentation thus there is a good chance that they will end up confusing the trainees. But of course you can’t expect the same thing when training videos are used being the same videos will be used to all trainees. 

Yes, there are indeed a lot of reasons why training videos are now well preferred by most companies. And the above situations are just some of them.

permohonan kolej jururawat

The Importance of Prenatal Psychological Care

Psychological nursing is accomplished through the language, attitude and behavior of nurses. Good language information of nurses can improve the regulation function of internal organs of pregnant women, improve the pain threshold of pregnant women, eliminate the psychological tension, fear and unease, stabilize emotions and relieve pain.

Abdominal pain with cervical dilatation is the hallmark of labor in expectant women. Fear and anxiety often plague them before childbirth. These psychological problems can affect the progress of labor and maternal and child safety, and aggravate the pain and discomfort during delivery. Pregnant women's fear of pain, loss of self-control and all kinds of unexpected reactions and treatment are the main source of women's childbirth pressure, which directly affects the process of childbirth, and has an impact on maternal psychology. The key to correct guidance of maternal pain fully prepared and appropriate stress lies in the patient and meticulous psychological care of nurses.

Pain is a concept that cuts across both physical and psychological aspects. It is both a physical and a psychological response. Pain during childbirth is a psychological response by the body to a stimulus caused by uterine contractions. For normal contractions caused by paroxysmal pain, the puerpera cannot endure, so there are different degrees of tension, anxiety and irritability.

permohonan kolej jururawat

Some women are particularly sensitive to pain, coupled with mental tension, agitation, fear and Shouting occur during contractions, so it will consume a lot of physical strength, affecting the normal progress of childbirth. Some puerpera are not fully prepared for the pain, so there is fear and irritability. Nursing staff should do a good job of maternal ideological work, strengthen their spiritual encouragement and support, so that they master the skills of relaxation, breathing control skills and transfer of attention skills, effectively alleviate the discomfort in the process of childbirth.

The distraction technique is to select a real or imaginary object as the point of attention and instruct the mother to focus on that point, diverting her attention from the pain and discomfort caused by contractions and increasing her tolerance to pain. This is because the brain's intense attention to one stimulus can inhibit its response to other stimuli.

The rate and rhythm of breathing can be influenced by body movements and mental states. When exercise or mental stress occurs, the breathing rate increases due to sympathetic excitation. With the increase in the intensity and frequency of contractions during childbirth, the mother's breathing will be affected and become irregular. Control of the rate and rhythm of breathing during contractions can also make the puerpera feel their own control and enhance their confidence.

Relaxation is a way to eliminate muscle and mental tension, relieve fatigue and restore peace of mind and body. This method is not only suitable for use during childbirth, but also widely used as a life skill.

Psychological care is a required course for nurses because they have daily contact with patients, so they have to learn how to comfort them. Application of nursing college is always open for those who have an interest in the nursing field.

Diving Right In!

ShaolinTiger - The Diver!

Well hi…I guess as all the others have such interesting introductory posts, I should stick to something a little more formulaic no? So as not to upset the balance and all..

I’m ShaolinTiger and welcome to my little corner on the MONSTER Blog.

I’ll be writing mostly about SCUBA Diving a great hobby of mine and life in general as an expat in Malaysia (which can be trying at times let me tell you!).

Malaysia really is a fantastic country for diving, it has some of the best dive spots in the world in East Malaysia and the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia. I really think if you don’t dive here, unless you are Hydrophobic you have no excuse at all. You are really missing out on a completely different world down there.

I’ll be posting pictures too don’t worry, so all of you land lovers can share the beauties from underwater.

I’m PADI certified Open Water & Advanced Open Water so I can do deep dives and night dives, I was on my way to being a divemaster but got caught up with some other stuff.

The food over here in Malaysia is also something that gives me huge gastronomic pleasures, but to see more of that you need to head over to KY’s spot where I might team up with him for some reviews. If you are interested you could also check out the Food Category on my own site.

I also enjoy a variety of martial arts, cooking all kinds of weird things and I’ve recently taken up digital photography with a spanking new Nikon D70s! You can check out my photography site at

Well glad to see you here, so do jump in and leave some comments on our posts, they will be moderated so they may not show up immediately but they will show up!

Second To The Right, And Straight On Till Morning


Oh God, i’m definitely the last person hurriedly writing an introductory post. Such is my life - rush rush rush hurry hurry hurry.

I’m not very old. I turned 23 last Good Friday. Unfortunately (or fortunately), i look rather young for my age. This is probably due to my short stature and kiddy looking face. Someone even mistook me for 16 last year. Not that i was complaining, i was squealing for joy. I used to want to look more mature last year for work. After friends’ children started calling me ‘auntie’, panic ensued and looking young doesn’t seem bad anymore.

I grew up in Penang, Newcastle and KL and have settled down here since. The thing i love about cities is that there’s always something to do. The last time i spent a week in a small town… i ended up watching DVD after DVD, lying around, eating constantly and baking cookies (to eat more -_-). So yeah, i love my peaceful getaways but i’m a city girl at heart.

I started working right after college… no, wait. Now that i think of it, i was working even during college. My reasoning is that my allowance wasn’t enough to support my penchant for funky clothes, holidays, food and wine. Right after getting a silly little paper that states i have a considerable amount of knowledge in Advertising & Graphic Design, i dived into copywriting.

During those few months, i dabbled in some freelance photography work and before i knew it, i was working in a magazine as a photographer. Because i’ve always loved writing as well, i insisted i contribute some articles too, just to make sure my skills as a writer didn’t dwindle and shoot down the drain. That went pretty well for awhile. There was security, a monthly salary, fun, everything could be claimed for…

Then i ventured into freelancing four months ago. Now i write and shoot for a few publications like KLue, Vida!, FACES and The Malay Mail. I do a very equal balance of both writing and photography and couldn’t be luckier in that sense. I also shoot for Expatriate Lifestyle magazine as well as events and stock imagery for various corporate companies.

Why am i talking about work? I don’t want to talk about work anymore. I have enough of it whirling around in my head as it is!

Okay okay random facts about me.

Let’s see, i rarely watch terrestial TV. I don’t have the time and i’m always out. Only recently (by influence from a certain freckled person) have i started watching lots of TV shows like Lost, Oz, Prisonbreak, Arrested Development… i’m going to stop, cos the list *is* really long.

I love nature. My friends hate taking hiking trips with me cos i’m always stooping to take pictures of flowers, leaves and moss. “Joyce. That leaf… looks JUST like the one you took just now,” they’d complain, hurrying me along. I just find it fascinating how the colours and composition of nature is so perfectly set.

I love partying. I think my energy for partying has decreased somewhat tho. Must be the age 0_o. No. NO. I’m young young younnng….

It’s easier for me to list down what i *don’t* like to eat, then what i do. I love food. I love that i’m living in a country where there are all sorts of food available at any time of the day. I think i must have some Indian blood in me somewhere for i have an absolute fondness for curry, colourful sarees and… beer.

I have atrocious memory. Atrocious. Very very horrible. I think it’s due to drinking cos alcohol *does* shrink a female’s brain twice as fast as a male’s. I’d either forget name or faces. Sometimes both >_

Journeys Of Self-Discovery

Peter Tan

Life is a series of journeys. Some are long stretches of dreary paths that seemed to lead nowhere. Some are endless walks in the darkness that felt like alleys to Hades. Others are exciting passages that we wished we could embark on again and again. Nonetheless, each has a lesson to teach, unpleasant or otherwise. And we, as the sojourners, have to learn and make the best of it for each step we take builds up the whole that forms our character.

We choose how we want to live. For better or for worse, the future is in our hands. It is all about choices. When we have decided, we have to live with the consequences. Having made one a long time ago, I am living it everyday now. Friends have asked me if I ever regretted what I chose to do on that fateful day twenty two years ago. I dived into a swimming pool, broke my neck and became permanently paralysed from my chest down. Regret would not bring back what I have lost. I needed to move on anyhow or be left behind and become an inconsequential speck in the sea of humanity. Move on I did.

Admittedly, it is a struggle living with physical impairments. That is made worse by an environment that never takes the convenience of people like me into consideration. It has been a journey filled with frustrations and heartbreaks. There was no way to discharge those pent-up emotions. My mood often alternated between forced optimism and dark depression. Still, I grabbed on to anything and everything to keep afloat until I could find a way to liberate myself from the shackles of my disabilities.

That one release I eventually found was in blogging out my thoughts. It was here that I could express my innermost feelings without inhibitions. Whenever I grieved, or rejoiced, or loved, or celebrated, they were all noted down. The therapeutic effects were tremendous. The burdens of grief and frustrations were somehow lifted off me each time I poured them out into words. It was through this avenue that I discovered myself most. My life has never been the same since. I will continue to chronicle my journeys and hopefully, one day in the future, I may be able discover who I truly am.

Do Men Think About Weddings?

I attended the wedding of a long-time friend, Wild Fish (party girl with amazing alcohol tolerance, whom, by the way, I shall address as Ex-Wild Fish now) last weekend. Yes, I felt completely happy for Ex-Wild Fish and her husband, even got myself a bit misty-eyed witnessing the once tumultuous relationship entering a strange realm. However, from the moment I reached home, sentimental thoughts miraculously evaporated, I started picking the wedding apart, scrutinising it bit by bit and made a list of “What Not to Do at My Wedding”.

Every wedding is a lesson in progress. You could learn a range of things from what dress to wear to which bridal shop to avoid to which hotel offers the best banquet packages. At Ex-Wild Fish’s, I learnt to never allow Celine Dion to creep into my wedding song playlist.


While I’ve confirmed with The Girls (several of my closest girlfriends) that my fascination with planning my yet-to-happen wedding is absolutely normal, I can’t help but wonder whether men share the same fascination. As I stole glances at Man Child, in his chequered shirt and jeans that completely clashed with my green halter neck pixie dress, I felt the urge to ask him, “Do you like Celine Dion?”. Man Child, unaware of my battle, continued staring at his bowl of shark’s fin soup while everybody else was digging in. Him probably fighting another battle of his own.

Anyway, on one fine evening, I was watching the television, completely relaxed while sipping a glass of 100 Plus and Cointreau. My head was resting on Man Child’s shoulder and he was fiddling with his laptop. There were numerous windows on the screen with words and numbers that I couldn’t comprehend and wouldn’t want to comprehend anyway. Suddenly, he spoke.

“You know, die-die also cannot play Celine Dion at our wedding”.

No Moshing @ Singapore

I just got back from Singapore a couple of hours ago. I think the boys and i made it in good time seeing there were road works and some horrid traffic caused by two even-more-horrid accidents.

My reason of being there this weekend was no, not for the Great Singapore Sale, but for their indie music festival - Baybeats - held on the Esplanade. I’m quite proud of myself really, i refrained from losing sanity and purchasing tons of items save for a few accessories (that i haven’t seen in KL) and a top. That’s it. Four items.

Now, is that self-restraint or is that self-restraint?

baybeats Singapore 2006

Back to Baybeats. It’s a three-day festival featuring bands from Malaysia, US, Norway, Japan and (of course) Singapore. The bands from Malaysia whom were invited were Love Me ButchOne Buck Short, Furniture, Ferns and Bittersweet.

“They always ask Love Me Butch to perform every year. Singapore lovesss them,” disclosed a participating band member.

Alrighty then.

Security was awfully strict at the festival. There was a barricaded area where people had to be body-checked before entering. Knowing most liberal youngsters, most couldn’t give a damn about being body-checked, and opted at standing outside said area instead.

And if you so much as *tried* to mosh, goddamn. Security would have stopped it in two seconds flat. They were even seen pulling a dude’s hair when he was making a ruckus.

“C’mon security, chill out!” yelled One Buck Short lead singer, Mooky, in jest.

He got cock stares from the working men.

I’m not saying security is being too strict whatsoever. i would think i have no say in this as i’m not one who loves to mosh. Me, mosh? No. I’m too small to mosh. I’d get trampled on. The last time i got stuck at a Rock The World mosh, three male friends had to pull me out cos i *couldn’t* get out of the wild circle.

Upon questioning other performers, one of them said, “C’mon man… moshing is part of this music culture. They see it as being a nuisance, but these guys just wanna have fun man.”

moshing or the lack of it during Baybeats, Singapore

Well, in contrary to the moshing, i was astonished to see a huge amount of litter everywhere. My first time. Seeing litter scattered abundantly in Singapore.

Singapore, you know!? The country famous for fining for littering!

Maybe they were done by the foreigners. Maybe they were done by rebellious rockers. And maybe they could have enforced as much force unto the people who litter, as much as the ones who wanted to mosh. Cos for now, when i think of my last trip to Singapore, all i see in my mind is green grass with patches of white garbage spread all around.


And to think my Malaysian friends and i didn’t even dare litter our entire stay in the country.

(Damn, will i be banned from S’pore 0_o )

Blogs Today (July 17,2006)

Welcome to MonsterBlog, and we hope you have gotten to know our members well after their introduction. Many of them are familiar faces in Malaysian Blogosphere, and as MonsterBlog grows, we hope to add a few more to a growing community. We will be adding another separate blog soon, where we review the latest gadgets in the market, putting them through the paces to ensure that you know what you will be paying for. Blogs and gadgets, their rather synanamous synonymous and the new blog will be part of the range of read that will be offered here.

But that’s another matter.

We’re here to discuss the blogosphere, or rather what’s happening in and around it. Like how the Mad Druid went to Bangkok, met some angels and a beauty queen. Makes the trip worth it actually. I miss Thailand. Sigh.

Speaking of angels, here’s one who tries her hand at plucking some strings. While the babe handles the neck, I can’t help but wonder what are those things hanging by the stairs. Boxers? Ask the angel man.

Here’s another monster on a trek. Auckland is worth the visit, and this monster offers some rather good pictures. We were promised more, and we can’t wait. They say a good picture says a lot more than words ever can hope. Well, here’s something about making a good picture better.

On a more poignant note, there’s Bob jotting down that lives are worth infinitely more than politics. I can’t agree more really, for once when I was still blogging, I always made it a point to try and fathom what politics really meant. I failed, and coming across posts like these remind me that there are more important things sometimes, and those thing begin from our hearts. Jot on Bob.

Last but not least, there’s a writer who may have a point. Hey, but if you won’t come to Monster, this is Monster, coming to you.

And by the way, welcome aboard, brother.