AIAC and Hearing Rooms.

hearing rooms

Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC), formerly known as Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA), is Malaysia's leading provider of the best institutional support in matters of domestic and international arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution litigations. The recent change in identity was undertaken in order to reflect the organization’s commitment to the global Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) biosphere and the willingness to provide the most innovative and ideal services in the industry. 

Despite the change in identity, the trust that AIAC has built over the course of the past 40 years is still retained. This trust coupled with a fresh new identity has created the perfect combination of modern innovation and classic heritage. The new AIAC is still headquartered in the historic Bangunan Sulaiman and is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It has been afforded certain freedoms and special immunities in order to be able to carry out its arbitration in the most efficient and effective manner. 

The AIAC allows for disputes to be worked out in a civil manner. The organization specializes in two types of arbitration, institutional arbitration, ad hoc arbitrations, adjudication, mediation, and domain name dispute resolution.  

Seat of arbitration refers to a form of conflict resolution which involves the selection of a neutral location by the conflicting parties. This location determines the legislature followed. Ad hoc arbitration, on the other hand,  is a form of arbitration in which the conflicting parties do not choose a modus operandi, the law of an institution, for the arbitration. While this form of arbitration does offer more flexibility to the parties in question, it does not offer much when it comes to external support. 

The AIAC has a number of facilities that play an integral role in the procession of the aforementioned arbitrations. These facilitate the process by offering hearing rooms, virtual meetings, etc. 

hearing rooms
  • Hearing Rooms. 

The AIAC head office in Bangunan Sulaiman comes fully equipped with meeting rooms. These rooms, which double as hearing rooms from time to time, have the capability of hosting entire meetings without any hiccups and or roadblocks. These rooms are versatile and since there are over 30 such rooms in the building, the possibility of booking a room is always not heavily dependent on availability. The rooms have been customized to fit the needs of the client. Some rooms are equipped to be perfectly functional hearing rooms where arbitration proceedings are carried out. The privacy of the client and providing the most conducive setting possible for conflict resolutions are the centre’s priorities. The AIAC can also facilitate courtrooms and conference rooms in addition to meeting and hearing rooms. 

  • Virtual Meeting. 

The AIAC office can host virtual meetings in one of the many rooms of the building. With their integrated multi point connections, the AIAC can hold completely virtual or hybrid meetings and hearings without any lags. With virtual meetings, the centre allows for the affected parties, the tribunals, the representatives. And expert witnesses to attend the hearings without any hassles. 

Whether it is a meeting, a conference call, or a hearing, book a hearing room at the AIAC in order to have the most conducive and productive environment possible. 

hearing rooms

Maintenance, Repair And Tuning (MRO) Of Aircraft

The objective of MRO (aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul) is to ensure that the aircraft is secure to fly. MRO operations include frequently scheduled line and base maintenance actions that comprise structural inspection tasks.

Airlines and operators must execute activities to prevent and identify structural damage, dents, fractures, and corrosion problems, whether the aircraft is a traditional metal frame or more current generations of jet aircraft constructed of composite materials.

  • Operators can utilize Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence 3D scanning technologies to assess aircraft structural parts such as the engine air intake, engine blades, rotor head panels, or wing flap leading edges, all of which are susceptible to ice, lightning, and bird impacts.
  • Ergonomic 3D scanners are used by ground crew technicians to swiftly detect and assess damage, while coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are used by engine overhaul and repair facilities to spot problems in bigger quantities of parts like motor blades and housings.
  • Accurate 3D measurement data also gives MRO teams the option to reverse engineer replacement parts for repairs. This is especially important when CAD models of parts are not available; Reverse engineering from valuable point cloud data happens to be often the fastest way to re-fabricate the component, and Aircraft MRO Services in Malaysia can backing tool path creation from scanned data.

Hexagon also helps aircraft MRO teams reduce aircraft machine-free times by offering digital data collection and management tools that help shift from preventive to predictive maintenance. The simulation and analysis data solutions can help MRO tasks by recording and analyzing structural inspection results to optimize maintenance tasks, allowing airlines to get aircraft into service in the shortest time possible.

Accurate surveillance and maintenance of aircraft and their assistance facilities are critical to maintaining public and government confidence in the safety of our skies. Aircraft MRO Services in Malaysia offer the international experience and capabilities necessary to implement effective maintenance programs that protect efficient operations. Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services help prevent breakdowns before they occur, by supporting the consistent and efficient delivery of services, as well as reducing financial risk.

Why Choose Aircraft MRO Services in Malaysia?

Your facilities and equipment require regular maintenance in order to maximize productivity. Here is a help for you:

  • Ensure the accuracy, condition and maintenance of your equipment.
  • Support the efficient and safe operation of your equipment and assets by detecting defects before they cause serious damage.
  • Optimize your access to the international aerospace market.
  • Identify the causes that cause product failure, establish responsibilities and improve performance in the future.

Trusted MRO services for aircraft, from a world leader

As a world leader in certification, inspection, verification and testing, we offer you unrivaled expertise in aircraft MRO support. Aircraft MRO Services in Malaysia are specialized in providing preventive and corrective maintenance services for the aviation sector, for clients around the world.

Services include:

  • Check the accuracy and effectiveness of the measuring equipment.
  • Inspections in accordance with internationally recognized maintenance standards.
  • Non-destructive tests to identify possible failures before they occur.
  • Breakdown and damage analysis to prevent breakdowns from reoccurring.

Supervision and verification of the technical integrity of the assets and guarantee that they meet the regulatory requirements.

How To Protect Your Liver Scientifically?

Eat more liver-nourishing foods: Chinese medicine believes that green can enter the liver meridian, so you may want to eat more green beans, which can enter the liver meridian and achieve the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying and lowering fire. You can intake some supplement recommended by Chinese medicine such as 肝病中醫推薦保肝寧. Black beans, artemisia and red tilapia are all liver-nourishing foods that can be eaten more often.

More outdoor exercise: Exercise more often, such as brisk walking, running or cycling, can improve cardiopulmonary function and can accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, allowing the liver to receive sufficient blood and nutritional nourishment, which is conducive to liver cell repair and regeneration.

It is important to keep a positive attitude, listen to happy songs, talk to relatives and friends, and do more things that interest you, so that your body can relax. It is also a good idea to go to the hospital for liver function tests to detect liver abnormalities.

The liver has the role of storing blood and regulating the amount of circulating blood; when exercising, the liver will provide blood supply to other organs, which will not only nourish the internal meridians with qi and blood, but also play a role in regulating liver function. And walking, this aerobic exercise, will not increase the burden on the liver, but also can play a good exercise effect.

When you are not working or studying, take 5 minutes out of your day to do one of the simplest movements - stretching. It has the effect of opening up the meridians and harmonising the blood and qi, and will lift your spirits and make you twice as efficient at work. To do this, stand up straight, tilt your head back and extend your arms up and back as far as they will go, keeping the muscles in your upper body tense. Combine this with deep breathing to fill the body with more oxygen, and fatigue will immediately disappear, with the effect of nourishing the liver and slowing down ageing.

Drink lemon water  

Water helps to speed up the body's metabolism and helps to flush out impurities and toxins from the body, thus reducing the burden on the liver. This is why it is recommended that you remember to drink a glass of warm plain water every morning after waking up to help wake up your whole body. If you can drink acid, it is advisable to add a few drops of lemon juice to the plain water, as the acidity of lemon encourages the liver to produce bile, which helps to detoxify the body.

Do a body massage

Once you are lying down, don't rush off to sleep, but gently massage the right side of your body just below the rib cage. Doing so will improve blood circulation in the liver area, thus improving the metabolic function of the whole body. So please keep massaging your body before you go to bed.

roof drain pipe

Reasons Why Gutter Roof Maintenance Is Important

Owning a house is probably in most of our bucket list since it also function as a sign that we’ve made it far in life. However, maintaining a house is not as simple as people perceived it to be. There are many parts of the house that you have to keep a watchful eye out, especially the ones that would cost hundreds to fix if it is not managed properly. One of the many things that need proper maintenance in a house is the gutter roof.

What is it?

roof drain pipe

Rainwater is directed to the gutters by your roof, which safeguards your property from the weather. Gutters are the horizontal metal (usually aluminium) components of the system that are often put along the eaves of your roof or along roof structures such as dormers. 

The tops of the gutters are wide to capture rainwater falling down the roof and guide it to the drains. The vertical, covered parts of the gutter system that direct water from the roof to ground level are known as downspouts. Water is directed away from your home's foundation via your drainage system.

Why is it important. 

Gutter roof is the drainage system place at the outlines of your roof, and where the rainwater would go to. The aim of gutters on a home is to keep rainwater out. Gutters operate by directing water away from the foundation of your property. The water must go some place when your gutters are missing, broken, or clogged, and if given the chance, water may harm practically any aspect of your property.

Energy is conserved or "trapped" in modern houses, which is good.  However, such houses can retain moisture in the process, which can lead to major issues and expensive damage.

For example, if roof drainage water soaks the soil surrounding the foundation, we may expect at least part of the moisture to seep into the basement, crawl space, or concrete floor. Some of this moisture will be absorbed by the indoor air.

Types of gutter system.

roof drain pipe

Many gutters installed nowadays are seamless (also known as roll-formed) aluminium K-style gutters that are made in one single piece on-site and will not corrode or leak.

Another alternative is copper, which is normally reserved for historic or high-end residences. It has a distinct period appearance that comes at a significantly greater cost.

Steel and vinyl are less common because of their proclivity for rusting and cracking. Add screens, filters, or guards to your gutter system for added protection. Each reduces debris from blocking gutters and reduces gutter maintenance.

In Malaysia, there are many companies that provide such gutter system for your house. RGS is one of the many that is trusted, certified and experienced in manufacturing gutter system, roof drain pipes, and many more household hardware items. With RGS's years of expertise and understanding of gutter installation in Malaysia, roof guttering job is simplified. They offer a wide range of services, including installation, maintenance, and repair of any roof gutter drain.

top server backup software Malaysia

No Lacking in Security with the best Server Backup

When you need to resume your activities after a disaster or for some reason want to restore the data to another location, authorized users can simply log into a web interface, click on the files they want to restore. wish to restore and specify a location. The restore process starts automatically and recreates the data in the desired location, even if the location is thousands of miles away.

Because system information and data are entered automatically, you can rest assured that you can easily restore an entire system to another device in the new location, with minimal intervention by technical personnel. In this case it will be wise to make use of the top server backup software Malaysia.

top server backup software Malaysia

The Additional Support That You Can Have Now

In addition, solutions that allow you to determine a different schedule and data retention policies depending on the server (or folder) give you the ability to choose the level of protection corresponding to the criticality of each type of data, per server or by file. You can also quickly retrieve all versions of data from the web from a catalog of older versions.

Improved Security For All Sensitive Data

Your corporate server manages a large volume of sensitive data - customer documents, employee records, intellectual property, and more. This data is essential documentary resources that you do not want to see exposed to outsiders. A recent study by the Enterprise Strategy Group indicates that barely 7% of companies systematically encrypt their data. Yet by failing to protect their data by encrypting it, businesses unwittingly make their data vulnerable to attack by competitors, thieves, hackers, or simple human error.

By opting for online backup and recovery solutions and storage at a highly secure offsite location, you can rest assured that your data is safe. The best online backup and recovery solutions encrypt all your data before transmitting it over the Internet, send it over a secure communication channel, then store the encrypted data in an offsite location where only authorized users who hold the appropriate keys. 

No one can decipher them

Online backup and recovery solutions also allow customers to verify access to their administration management system, increasing the level of security and providing the ability to control changes.

A Complete Data Protection Solution

Data protection is not an isolated or one-off activity. It is a complex, multi-step procedure that has interrelated processes that go far beyond simple in-place backup and include:

Choose the Best the backup


Data reproduced to an offsite location to protect it against natural or man-made disasters

A storage system

reproduced data that helps protect data and organize it in a way that facilitates and accelerates its recovery.


Data replicated from the storage system anytime and anywhere

If your current data protection solution does not include all of these steps, your business is exposed to the unacceptable risk of partial protection that can lead to the loss of irreplaceable data and costly and painful downtime.

Fortunately, online disk backup and recovery solutions are economical, have all the steps of data protection, and actually reduce the time, labor and cost spent on each. These solutions offer you:

  • Fast, comprehensive and continuous data backup
  • Immediate, automatic transmission to an offsite location
  • Secure storage that takes into account your schedule and retention policies
  • Immediate recovery and as detailed as you want

Immediate Data Recovery

Businesses operate in real time and depend on their electronic data: payroll files, customer records, emails and other important documents. When disaster strikes, you don't have time to wait for hours for your data to be restored.

How do I shop for a house?


When buying a house, you should give full consideration to the location of the house. Urban housing can enjoy convenient transportation, bus lines are now available in all directions, the construction of underground lines and subways have been passed to bring us a lot of convenience in life, saving the time cost of commuting to work. Buying a home in the suburbs forces you to consider the cost of time, and without a private car, it can be inconvenient to get around. In addition, the cost of a private car and fuel are not small expenses.

Environmental factors

In urban areas, especially in some big cities, the air quality is poor, the population flows frequently and urban noise pollution is serious. Most of the houses in the city are high-rise towers or a combination of panels and towers, with a high density of buildings in the district, high density of living population, low greening rate and a big problem in terms of lighting. In the suburbs, the air is fresh, the greenery is high, the traffic is low and it is relatively quiet. Most of the houses in the suburbs are small low-rise slab buildings, with low community density, large building spacing, sufficient sunlight, good ventilation and high living comfort.

Ancillary facilities

In the urban areas, the buildings have good supporting facilities and are very convenient to live in. Some large shopping supermarkets are located in the city, and there are many options for large department stores, hospitals, schools and banks. In the suburbs, daily shopping can be a major problem, and hospitals, schools and banks are not very well distributed.

If you are a new home buyer, I would like to give you the following advice by referring to Seri Kembangan. First of all, you can choose a house close to your parents, so that you can go home to look after them. And if you are too busy at work, at least you can still come home for a delicious meal. Secondly, it is advisable to buy a house that is close to your workplace. If you live too far away from your workplace, you will spend a lot of energy on the way. If this is not achievable, then you should at least choose a location that is easy to travel to for your workplace. Finally, it is advisable to consider a neighbourhood that is close to the metro, or a property that has a metro planned within three years. Proximity to the metro can go a long way to alleviating the displeasure caused by the excessive pressure of surface traffic and can also significantly reduce travel costs. 

Smart Disinfection Stick Choices: What You Need

A manual disinfection of the location is then performed by experts who are outfitted with personal protective equipment, specialized equipment, and an ultra-effective disinfectant solution designed specifically for surfaces. Consequently, they must travel through all polluted rooms and locations, as well as clean any points of contact.

Specialized cleaning will be required for areas that have been polluted with body fluids such as blood, urine, vomit, and excrement from human beings. These fluids have the potential to infiltrate through porous surfaces and into places that are difficult to identify for individuals who have not received enough training. Standard cleaning techniques are unable to effectively disinfect. Using the conventional technique of spraying substance onto a surface and wiping it off, for example, can only disinfect 50% of the surfaces it comes into contact with.

Disinfection is very necessary

Personal cleanliness and isolation are the most effective ways of combating the coronavirus pandemic and breaking the chain of transmission that it has triggered. The virus may stay on some surfaces for many days before posing a threat to other individuals who may be in the same building at the time.

Managers of institutions or companies that want to restore the security of contaminated (or possibly contaminated) areas must use cleaning and disinfection procedures to accomplish this goal.

In this way, the expert disinfection services provided by Rentokil Initial ensure the use of the most suitable methods, equipment, and materials. The solution is efficient against 99.9999 percent of viruses, bacteria, and fungicides, allowing you to disinfect the affected regions fast and effectively, while also supporting the operation of your establishment's operations.

Babies and toddlers often share their toys and put them in their mouths, increasing the likelihood of the transmission of infectious diseases. Playgrounds and toy storage spaces should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis in order to minimize these hazards. Check that the disinfectants you use are safe and appropriate for children's toys, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the required dilution and period of contact with the toys.

  • Rigid plastic toys should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • After the play session is over, place the toys in a trash can to be cleaned and disinfected later.
  • Clean and disinfect the trash at the same time as you clean and disinfect the toys.
  • Before using a disinfectant, thoroughly clean the toys with hot soapy water.
  • Cracks and hard-to-reach places should be cleaned using a brush.
  • Make sure to thoroughly rinse the toys under running water since soap may counteract the disinfectant's impact.
  • Allow the toys to soak in the disinfectant for the necessary amount of time before using them.


Dr. Clo is a United states food and drug Class 1 Hospital Grade disinfection product that is intended to offer surface and airborne protection, creating a barrier against bacteria and viruses. Dr. Clo Malaysia is a disinfectant product that is designed to do is provide surface and airborne protection. Nanotechnology that has been patented operates continuously for up to 8 weeks and has a radius of 15 square metres, leaving no residues in the air or on surfaces, and it is non-toxic.

angle iron malaysia

Vast Array of Raw Materials and Their Uses in Construction

The usage of stone as a construction material may be traced back thousands of years. In reality, the term "megalithic civilization," which refers to the earliest manifestations of human construction activity, was coined specifically to describe the look of the remnants, which have come to us in the shape of massive structures built of natural boulders and of immense scale. Natural stones for use in building have been around for millions of years and offer remarkable properties like as resistance, compactness, and longevity. Natural stones are used in a variety of construction applications.

Textile materials are those that are made of fibres

In recent years, we have been able to observe the development of movable façade systems, which are intended to provide solar shade, and which consist of vertical or horizontal orientable pieces made of textile materials and which can be moved about (as well as wood, metallic or glassy). Some tests with dynamic and kinetic facades, which were carried out using textile materials, have previously been carried out, and the results indicate that there is a significant amount of potential. Another element of great interest in the use of technological textiles in architecture is the potential of employing both closed and open mesh materials on the facades, in a variety of colors, which is another aspect of tremendous interest. Along with that, for the plumbing works, the use of angle iron malaysia comes essential.

angle iron malaysia

The Other Elements

Another element of great interest in the use of technological textiles in architecture is the potential of employing both closed and open mesh materials on the facades, in a variety of colors, which is another aspect of tremendous interest.

There are values and major features of the materials listed for each of them, such as average duration, resistance to ageing and dirt, translucency, flame resistance, bending resistance, building expenses, and applications that should be used with the materials. In these interventions, we consider the figurative and chromatic value of the surfaces, make use of texture, the perceptual qualities of the coatings, play with structural lightness and transparency, reflections, and other details that contribute to making architecture live in its environment, all through materials and technologies that cause relationships, interference, and interaction.

The notion of sensoriality is intertwined with the concept of transformability. As a result, the structure may be transformed into a screen that emits lights, colors, and noises while also communicating information.

Glass Usages and More

Glass is without a doubt the most widely used material for achieving transparency and light, and it is also one of the most often utilized façade components in modern architecture. A great deal of progress has been achieved in the development of 'smart' reactive glass.

The "smart glasses" are materials that are capable of reacting dynamically to changes in the surrounding environment, resulting in a high degree of comfort within the building.

The following are some of the advantages:

  • improved control over the light's contribution
  • improved control of energy requirements improved minimization of energy losses
  • Improved energy usage optimization, as well as innovative design and useful technological solutions


If the user so desires, these windows may be self-regulating or electrically actuated, depending on the situation. In order to react to environmental stimuli, smart glasses must be able to change the features of transparency, brightness, coloration, and degree of protection from solar radiation, while keeping their structural qualities intact. In particular, its use in residential and architectural civil construction, particularly for future structures that will be oriented toward the sustainability of natural resources and energy conservation, is appropriate.

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The Benefit of Video Marketing Production for Your Business

Using videos is quite common these days as they are known to be more effective than pure writings. In fact, online videos are now even more visible and so, they can help a great deal in your digital marketing campaign. Because of this, you need an online marketing agency in Malaysia, such as Republic digital marketing. Videos are now quite popular especially in the business world. They are now even used to market some products. 

online marketing agency malaysia

The thing with videos is that you can relay a good message in just a matter of seconds and you can even use it multiple times. That means, you only need to invest once. That is right, instead of hiring someone to talk and orient every new employee, a training video is just used to that. And this method is now really getting more popular because of its many benefits. 

Here are some benefits of training videos:

  • The price alone will already cause a big impact. You see, if you hire a trainer, you also need to feed him, pay for his travel expenses and so on. if the training will last for a number of days, and if he needs to move to different locations, then you will be the one shouldering everything. However, if you will just use a training video, you can easily make a number of copies and distribute them to where they should be. 
  • Time spent is another matter. With in-house training, they really need to just focus on the training that is done in a designated location during office hours. But that is not the case when you will just use a training video. With training videos, they can be watched during their free time like before they will get to work. Aside from that, important points will be compressed in a simpler form so that they will only run for a short time. 
  • When actual training is done, because they are done by different people, even if the thought might be the same still each one varies in their styles and ways of presentation thus there is a good chance that they will end up confusing the trainees. But of course you can’t expect the same thing when training videos are used being the same videos will be used to all trainees. 

Yes, there are indeed a lot of reasons why training videos are now well preferred by most companies. And the above situations are just some of them.

permohonan kolej jururawat

The Importance of Prenatal Psychological Care

Psychological nursing is accomplished through the language, attitude and behavior of nurses. Good language information of nurses can improve the regulation function of internal organs of pregnant women, improve the pain threshold of pregnant women, eliminate the psychological tension, fear and unease, stabilize emotions and relieve pain.

Abdominal pain with cervical dilatation is the hallmark of labor in expectant women. Fear and anxiety often plague them before childbirth. These psychological problems can affect the progress of labor and maternal and child safety, and aggravate the pain and discomfort during delivery. Pregnant women's fear of pain, loss of self-control and all kinds of unexpected reactions and treatment are the main source of women's childbirth pressure, which directly affects the process of childbirth, and has an impact on maternal psychology. The key to correct guidance of maternal pain fully prepared and appropriate stress lies in the patient and meticulous psychological care of nurses.

Pain is a concept that cuts across both physical and psychological aspects. It is both a physical and a psychological response. Pain during childbirth is a psychological response by the body to a stimulus caused by uterine contractions. For normal contractions caused by paroxysmal pain, the puerpera cannot endure, so there are different degrees of tension, anxiety and irritability.

permohonan kolej jururawat

Some women are particularly sensitive to pain, coupled with mental tension, agitation, fear and Shouting occur during contractions, so it will consume a lot of physical strength, affecting the normal progress of childbirth. Some puerpera are not fully prepared for the pain, so there is fear and irritability. Nursing staff should do a good job of maternal ideological work, strengthen their spiritual encouragement and support, so that they master the skills of relaxation, breathing control skills and transfer of attention skills, effectively alleviate the discomfort in the process of childbirth.

The distraction technique is to select a real or imaginary object as the point of attention and instruct the mother to focus on that point, diverting her attention from the pain and discomfort caused by contractions and increasing her tolerance to pain. This is because the brain's intense attention to one stimulus can inhibit its response to other stimuli.

The rate and rhythm of breathing can be influenced by body movements and mental states. When exercise or mental stress occurs, the breathing rate increases due to sympathetic excitation. With the increase in the intensity and frequency of contractions during childbirth, the mother's breathing will be affected and become irregular. Control of the rate and rhythm of breathing during contractions can also make the puerpera feel their own control and enhance their confidence.

Relaxation is a way to eliminate muscle and mental tension, relieve fatigue and restore peace of mind and body. This method is not only suitable for use during childbirth, but also widely used as a life skill.

Psychological care is a required course for nurses because they have daily contact with patients, so they have to learn how to comfort them. Application of nursing college is always open for those who have an interest in the nursing field.