The US wants more troops in Afghanistan

It is the first time the Bush administration has made such a commitment for 2009.

Gates, speaking to reporters on his way to Muscat, Oman, from a NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania, said President Bush made the pledge at the summit on Thursday.

Bush was not specific about the number of additional troops that would go to Afghanistan in 2009, Gates said. The United States now has about 31,000 troops there - the most since the war began in October 2001 - and has been pressing the allies to contribute more.


Microsoft and Yahoo's never-ending game

Many rumors have popped up since the software giant proposed to buy Yahoo up 3 months back. Micheal from TechCrunch investigates. Micheal "Lots of reports today on the Microsoft-Yahoo negotiation, which is now in its third month of drama and appears to be being negotiated primarily through the media. The WSJ in particular is serving as the court of popular appeal via very controlled leaks from both sides.

Yahoo’s key message is that they want a deal to happen but at a higher bid than the 62% premium Microsoft originally offered. Microsoft’s key message is that the economy has gone south since their original bid, and if they make a new offer it’s going to be lower, not higher. Importantly, they are also threatening to simply walk away from the deal."

More details at Wall Street Journal

Via TechCrunch

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