Indian investors interested in four sectors

It will be interesting to see the influx and development made through the hopeful Indian investors.

INVESTORS from India are interested in Malaysia’s biotechnology, food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Terengganu sports complex project cost skyrockets to RM450mil

THE cost of the Gong Badak Sports Complex near Kuala Terengganu has shot up by RM250mil to RM450mil due to postponements.

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Chia: Lee’s resignation won’t split Gerakan

THE resignation of Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon from his party posts would not cause a split in the party, Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye told China Press yesterday. 

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Somali pirates seize French yacht

Pirates board a luxury French yacht off Somalia's coast, taking all its 30 crew hostage.

The Ponant yacht "was the victim of an act of piracy", Christophe Prazuck was quoted as saying by AFP news agency.

The spokesman added that the vessel was sailing between Somalia and Yemen and had no passengers on board.


Girl gang-raped, incident recorded on handphone

Baling OCPD Supt Mat Daud Mat Hasan confirmed the 16-year-old pupil had lodged a report.

The men, including the girl’s former boyfriend, are believed to be in their early 20s and appeared to have planned the rape that took place in a car wash garage in Kuala Pegang near hear.

It all began when the girl accepted her former boyfriend’s invitation to go on an outing to the Ulu Legong hot spring, about 15km from here, with three others, including a woman.


Sufiah’s sex job shocks ex-husband

What husband wouldn't be caught surprised and shocked upon hearing such news about an ex-wife?

Sufiah Yusof’s ex-husband Jonathan Marshall has expressed sadness and complete shock over the one-time child prodigy selling herself for £130 (RM829) per hour.

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Decorate your home with seashells

Using seashells to decorate parts of your home may not be a bad idea after all.My daughter loves to watch the cartoon "Lil Bill". Repeat episodes come on every day, so I have the theme "Spring is here, Spring is here, it's the best time of the year" stuck in my head. The episode reminds me that the snow is slowly melting and it's about time to go to the beach.

Maybe it is too early in the year to go to the beach yet, but somewhere in the world it is spring or even summer. That means it is time to think about decorating your home for breezy summer days. What better way to do that than with seashells? Kathy Peterson has excellent suggestions on exactly what and where we can decorate with seashells.

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One million computer viruses are being circulated

The new high for malicious programs was revealed by security firm Symantec in the latest edition of its bi-annual Internet Security Threat Report.

The vast majority of these programs have been created in the last twelve months, said Symantec.

Cyber criminals pump out malware to fool anti-virus programs which look for characteristics they have already seen.

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That's a large number of computer viruses available and ready to attack a computer without anti-virus protection! Anti-virus software companies can now rejoice over the fact that dependability on anti-virus will continually grow.

Plea change irks judge

The accused, aged 50, had earlier pleaded guilty to raping his 14-year-old daughter but changed his plea yesterday after appointing a defence counsel.

Judge Zamri Bakar asked him angrily: "Are you insulting the court?

"You pleaded guilty at the beginning and now you are changing your plea. Why did you plead guilty in the first place?"

The accused had on Jan 14 pleaded guilty and the court fixed Feb 13 for sentencing.

However, on Feb 13, the prosecution sought a postponement as the medical report on the victim was not ready.

Zamri then fixed yesterday for facts and sentencing.

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Strong support for audio-video show

More than 80 per cent of the booths at the Kuala Lumpur International Audio Video Show 2008 (KLIAV Show 2008) have been taken, 70 per cent of which are from international exhibitors and the rest local.

Organising committee chairman Dick Tan said the showcase always received good feedback from exhibitors.

"We are fully booked every year and I think the remaining 20 per cent of booths will be snapped up in no time," he said after a prize-giving ceremony at the New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd's Balai Berita here yesterday for contest winners.

At the ceremony, 12 were selected as winners among thousands of participants for last year's KLIAV slogan contest. The winners were those who coined the best slogan with not more than 20 words.

Grand prize winner, Boon Kok Soong, 61, won a Toshiba projector sponsored by Mediaplex Sdn Bhd.

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