Wait lah for me..

I hail from Kuala Terengganu and although having spent a major part of my life in KL, the seaside town is still very much close to my heart.

I still make that annual pilgrimage back just to touch base with relatives and friends who live in Kampung China. And visit the boatmakers of Pulau Duyung (a place made famous by Chang Fee Ming), as well as the Pasar Payang.

Things that interest me are mostly related to the outdoors, such as archery, kiting, and fishing. My enthusiasm in the former was curtailed somewhat due to a bad rotator cuff injury back in 2002 and now the bows and arrows lie dormant in my closet. Perhaps, when I have the time, and the open archery range is ready, I will pick them up again.

I also enjoy kite flying - traditional and modern ones. At the height of that insanity, I even made a two-metre traction kite, the NPW5. And several deltas and stunts but the lack of flying grounds in Kuala Lumpur has grounded this interest for the moment. Funny, isn’t it? Development has a way of taking the fun of out of the most simple activity in life.

Fishing is something I which I have always enjoyed but the enthusiasm is now dampened by time constraints and work commitment - save for an occasional foray into the beaches nearby and at the Kundang pay ponds.

Oh, I enjoy painting, too. But that’s another story…

What else?

Other subjects of interest also include advertising, marketing and public relations, as well as the web, internet marketing and media.

Since this is my first blog, I think I will not overstay my welcome and keep this post short and simple.

Have a good day. 

When is help really help?

The last time my radiator overheated, it was after-work rush hour, and I found myself stuck along the very busy Old Subang Airport Road. I stood outside for a bit, just to make the necessary SOS calls to friends, and then after awhile, I decided to stay put, lock up and wait in the car.

The first offer to help came from a tow truck and I said no, because it was only an overheated radiator. ‘Do you have any water?’ I asked.

The driver shook his head, cussed angrily and left. Was he being helpful? I don’t think so. After he left, I decided to wind up the windows, leaving only a small gap for air. It was extremely hot inside, but I felt safer cooked up inside than leaving the windows wide open and risking harassment.

A while later two men on a motorbike came by and offered me a lift to a nearby workshop.

‘It’s okay. I’m waiting for a friend.’

I believe these were genuinely kind folks, because they stopped and helped to push my car aside so that I would not block the other cars.

A few minutes later, another dodgy-looking biker came with the same offer to take me to the nearest workshop. ‘No, my friend is coming. Thanks!’

This one didn’t even say a thing and left abruptly. Could you really blame me for being so paranoid about receiving help?

You see, throughout my wait for help, not a single decent-looking vehicle stopped to offer the water I so badly needed for my radiator. The driver of a lorry even slowed down just to hurl an insult and show me his fist.

When my friends finally arrived I was elated and completely relieved. In a few minutes, my car was up and running again. Sure, it had been an extremely long day, but, thank God, I returned home in one piece, safe and sound.

The thing is this. Have you noticed how dangerous KL has gotten recently? This was ONLY a case of an overheated radiator. What if my tyre was punctured? Should I have allowed a stranger to help? How would you differentiate between a stranger who could be trusted and one who could potentially be a criminal? Why is it that no one seemingly decent would stop to help? And finally, how could I have recognized that the offer to help was genuine?

Call me paranoid, but really, you never know what could have happened.

Maybe I shouldn’t be asking so many questions. Maybe I should slap my head silly for being so typically bimbotic, forgetting to check my radiator and making sure that everything in my car was in working order. I had a sounding from my family when I got home that day, all because I forgot to check my radiator.

I don’t know. If KL were safer, it wouldn’t be that bad a sin to forget to fill up my car’s radiator, would it?

Siti Nurhaliza dan Puteri Gunung Ledang!

Entri pertama saya di sini lebih sesuai dimulakan dengan perasaan yang lebih berbunga-bunga. Lebih baik bercerita tentang rahsia yang kini telah terurai. Apa agaknya komen jejaka-jejaka bujang di Malaysia dengan pilihan Siti Nurhaliza ? Tentu ada yang terkejut ? Ada juga yang tersentak ? Tidak kurang juga yang menerima keputusan tersebut dengan hati yang terbuka.

Akhirnya terjawab juga segala rahsia yang sering bermain-main dalam minda para peminat, wartawan, pembancuh air, tukang kimpal, jurutera, doktor, pekerja kilang, surirumah siapa pilihan Siti Nurhaliza. Pelbagai reaksi diterima. Ada yang positif ada yang negatif ada juga yang berada di atas pagar. Ada juga yang bertindak nekad sudah mula menyimpan album-album Siti Nurhaliza di dalam kotak. Ada juga yang mahu memulangkan semula album-album gambar Siti Nurhaliza. Kecoh benar dunia hiburan tanahair sejak akhir-akhir ini. Ada yang umum perkahwinan, ada yang bercerai, ada juga yang putus tunang. Semuanya mahu dibaca.

Siti Nurhaliza ibarat Puteri Gunung Ledang. Menagihkan kasih seorang Hang Tuah ! Siapakah Hang Tuahnya sudah pun terjawab. Adakah umum akan berhenti berbicara ? Sudah pasti tidak. Terlalu panjang checklist mereka berkenaan Siti Nurhaliza yang harus diupdate !

Antaranya :

1. Memastikan lokasi perkahwinan adalah benar dan bukannya decoy. Ini untuk memastikan agar mereka berpeluang untuk melakukan ”gatecrash” ke majlis tersebut.
2. Memastikan tarikh perkahwinan ada benar dan bukannya decoy semata-mata. Malu besar kalau silap tarikh.
3. Membandingkan harga cincin yang pernah dihadiahkan kepada Normala Shamsudin dengan cincin Siti Nurhaliza.
4. Memastikan ada sesi bersama peminat walaupun peminat hanya boleh nampak dari jarak yang amat jauh.
5. Mencongak jumlah hantar yang akan dihadiahkan kepada Siti Nurhaliza.
6. Membelek-belek majalah untuk menyesuaikan konsep pakaian pengantin Siti Nurhaliza dengan konsep pakaian sendiri.
7. Mencongak harga pakaian pengantin yang akan dipakai oleh Siti Nurhaliza.
8. Berfantasi apakah konsep solekan yang akan digunakan oleh Siti Nurhaliza.
9. Meneka-neka konsep warna pakaian Datuk K untuk memastikannya sedondon dengan Siti Nurhaliza
10. Terfikir-fikir sama ada ingin menyimpan misai atau pun tidak untuk majlis tersebut.

Cukuplah 10 dulu, kalau ada yang ingin tambah. Boleh tambah di ruangan komen.

Bercerita tentang Puteri Gunung Ledang, teater yang mencetuskan fenomena di Istana Budaya itu akan kembali menemui penonton mulai 6 Ogos ini. Khabarnya ada banyak kelainan yang lebih segar ditampilkan agar penonton dapat merasai satu keajaibab dalam dunia teater Melayu. Bunyinya kedengaran agak gah dan sombong ! Sempat juga saya singgah di sesi latihan, dan melodi lagu-lagunya kembali berputar di dalam kepala ini. Mood melodi lagu tersebut memang sesuai untuk ketika ini yang penuh dengan keindahan alam cinta. Adakah anda juga seperti saya ternanti-nantikan dua acara penting ini walaupun saya lebih mengutamakan Puteri Gunung Ledang turun dari kayangan ke Istana Budaya dari Siti Nurhaliza naik ke kayangan bersama Prince Charming (Tom Selleck) nya.

I go, you no go

Personally, I think the country is making progress in key areas of development. There is media freedom, or rather, we have been enjoying a period where we can bang away at anything that suits our pleasure and not have a booking in Kamunting hotel, staying at the pleasure of His Majesty the King. May it be about religious freedom, politics and the accompanying punditry, really suspicious assemblymen building illegal mansions and much more, we have debated and not have much to fear. Still, as far as politicians go, I still think they have the social responsibility somewhat equal to raccoons.


The Red Kebaya

The Red KebayaOnce in a while you get a movie that promises a breakaway from the usual Datuk Yusof Haslam, Aziz M. Osman and Badaruddin Azmi offerings (I watched ‘KL Menjerit’ and was left none too impressed). For example, Puteri Gunung Ledang — say what you want about it but I enjoyed both the movie (all 145 minutes of it) and the musical, and it would be an insult to lump it in the same category as ‘XX Ray’. Let’s not even go near the ‘Senario’ series.


Market Neutrality: Microsoft’s Victory?

If one were to follow the scientific explanations – the Darwinian side of it at least – of how humanity evolved from apes, it would be apparent that one ape did not suddenly decide to sit upright and start talking to himself. They evolved, and in sheer numbers, saw that it was possible to do more with their faculties. As many of these apes came to the same realization, their ‘knowledge’ was imprinted in the DNA, and over time, out came us.


Passengers stranded for one hour

Reported by ESpeaks on location:

Port Klang-bound passengers on board 12.06 pm commuter train was left stranded close to one hour on the track just after the Bank Negara stop.

Checks with KTMB Infoline reveals that a broken power cable at KL Sentral has caused the hour long interruption.

The train service did not resume until 1.20 pm.

To Dine For at Chulan Square

It was one of my friends who invited me to the upmarket Thai restaurant To Dine For at Chulan Square last week. Little did I know that this restaurant is under the same management as Absolute Thai Nudle Bar, a place which I have blogged on Monsterblog several months ago. If you notice, both places serve the tomyam in steamboat pot.

To Dine For Chulan Square
very nice ambiance


Cinta the movie

Cinta the movie posterYoung love, old love, new love, family love — CINTA explores these emotions and more in a 5 stories - in - 1 movie set in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

At first glance, CINTA reminds you of Richard Curtis’ ‘Love Actually’ where a set of encounters and coincidences doesn’t run far from each other. Nevertheless CINTA is unique by itself, and is strengthened by the stellar performances of a few actors/actresses in the movie.

Since this is a blog and I am allowed to be biased, let me just quickly run through the 5 stories based on my favourite to my least favourite.


Hot Car, fiery end.

This dark green Citroen Xantia caught fire beneath the LRT line at the Genting Kelang-Wangsa Maju junction at 1:24pm today. Took these pictures as the engine compartment burst into flames.

Several small explosions were heard but credit must be given to the firefighters who arrived at 1:32pm to douse the flames before the fire spread.

From smoke to flames - the engine on fire. Is this the owner of the car?