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What is Titanium Dioxide?

Ever wonder what is the most sought-after material right now for UV protection in products as well as in the industrial and consumers industry? It is titanium dioxide Malaysia. Not only is it safe to be used in cosmetics, but it is also safe to be used as a color additive in food, drugs, and health supplements. 

With UV light and heat increasing each year, many cosmetic companies have opted to use titanium dioxide in their products to help people avoid sunburn and sun damage. Hence, it is safe to be used on the face and body. However, it is also important to mind the instructions on the product. 

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a chemical that is used in many personal care products such as sunscreen, pressed powder, loose powder, UV filters, and whitening agents. Due to its capacity to absorb UV light, it can shield the skin from UV radiation. Additionally, it is employed in color cosmetics like blusher and eye shadow. The mineral is exploited to produce commercially useful, odorless, absorbent titanium. It is frequently desired for its pigment's capacity to provide opacity and whiteness.

If you are looking for the ingredient, then you ought to look for these words on the label:

  • Titanium dioxide
  • TiO2
  • Pigment-grade titanium dioxide

Apart from cosmetic products, pure titanium dioxide had been widely used in industrial and consumer products such as paints, coatings, paper, plastics and rubber, printing inks, adhesives, textiles, ceramics, roofing materials, floor coverings, toothpaste, food colorants, catalysts, and automotive products. 

Pigment-grade Titanium Dioxide

This type of titanium dioxide is used in a wide range of applications that needs high opacity and brightness. 

  • Paint and coatings (provides durability and increase longevity and provide protection to the surface)
  • Plastics, adhesives, and rubber (minizine brittle, fading and also cracking in plastics as a result of exposure to light)
  • Cosmetics (aid in hiding acne and blemishes as well as brighten up the skin)
  • Paper (coat paper to make it whiter and brighter)
  • Food ingredient (protects food, beverages, and supplements from premature degradation, and lengthen the life of the product)

Ultrafine-grade / Nanoscale titanium dioxide

  • Sunscreen (as well known, titanium dioxide has UV filters and absorbs UV light. Hence, it enables a transparent shield between the skin and the sun) 
  • Catalyst (provides catalyst applications such as removing harmful exhaust gas emissions and removing nitrous oxides in power stations)

Things to Focus On Before Preparing For Ships Lay-Up

lay up vessel service Malaysia

Ship owners and crews should be equipped with enough knowledge in maintaining the ship’s condition. There are a few things that you should take very good care of, for instance, the preparations for lay-out. However, if you are not familiar with lay-ups, you can always get help from any lay up vessel service Malaysia. In this post, we will be going through what are the aspects that need to be taken care of before preparing a successful lay-up for your ship. 

What Does it Mean by Lay-Up Vessel?

When we say lay up a vessel, it means to stop using the vessel for a specific amount of time. Usually, the ships are laid-up because of a few reasons. The typical reasons are freight rates are not enough to support the cost of running or because of exaggerated use of it. The time taken can vary, sometimes it can be quite short, for instance, around a few weeks and can be deactivated for quite a long time, up until five years. 

Hot Lay-Up and Cold Lay-Up

lay up vessel service Malaysia

These are not new beverage names. They are the two common lay-up techniques that are often used. Let’s go through the meaning of hot lay-up. A hot layup means that the vessel's machinery is kept operational and can be re-commissioned quickly if the vessel's employment changes. If the vessel will be inactive for 12 months or less, it is common for it to be kept in a hot layup condition.

As for cold lay-up, it refers to the ship being put out of service due to a lack of work and secured or anchored in a safe location while searching for new work. The correct and suitable choice of technique will affect the whole process of laying up. Hence why, it is vital for those who are in charge to be experienced and equipped with the right knowledge, skills and techniques. 

Suitable Location for Lay-Up

You need a suitable and secure location for this. The hot lay-up location should preferably be close to the vessel's projected sailing route, taking into account its current position. Cold lay-up areas are typically secluded and have limited access to the vessel. For expensive and high-maintenance ships such as cruise ships, they need to be taken care of meticulously and their safety should be the main concern. 

How To Reactivate the Vessel?

lay up vessel service Malaysia

After not being used for a certain period, there are a lot of aspects and systems that need to be checked on. Everything depends on the downtime of the vessels and surveys need to be done beforehand. Expired certificates must also be reissued before the vessel can fully function again. If the vessel has been deactivated for quite a long time, the ship crews might face some difficulties in making sure that it can be used again. There are plenty of issues that can be faced if there is no proper inspection done before getting the vessel to work again. Therefore, there is a need to be concerned about the whole process and everyone should be prepared beforehand. 

How To Communicate With Your Partner Regarding Sex

Great communication leads to great sex! While many experts believe that the majority of marriages today are in trouble for financial reasons, sex and sexuality problems are also high. In fact, the topic of sex is the number one problem discussed in online relationship forums. It seems easier to talk to strangers online than your own partner! These conversations can create anxiety in you and cause you to avoid it all. get sex toys malaysia .

Know that there are several strategies to make this talk easier and you tend to get it.

When Is The Right Time To Talk About Sex Problems?

sex toys malaysia
  • Don’t talk about sexual problems in your bedroom or at bedtime. Choose a more "neutral" location. Make sure the kids aren't heard!
  • Don’t talk about sex after having sex. Again, choose a more “neutral” time as well.
  • Don't blind your partner. If you want to talk about sexual issues, let your partner know (without putting the blame) that you think you both need to talk about your sexual intimacy. Make time to talk.

How to Talk About Sex Problems

  • Have a “soft start” to the conversation. Start with your goal to be closer and connected with your partner. Avoid blaming.
  • If you don’t want to create more problems in your sex life, don’t buy any sex advice books or sex toys without discussing the issue with your partner first.
  • Talk to each other about your expectations, your fears, your desires, your worries, and be honest! It is very important to talk about your deepest feelings about this.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about what you like sexually and what you don’t like. Your comfort level is important for a satisfying sex life.
  • Realize that you should probably have several conversations and not just one long conversation.

What You Need To Remember 

sex toys malaysia

It has been said that "A good lover is made, not born." If you really want your sex to be all you can be, you need to take the time to talk to each other. Communication is the key to great sex. This conversation is necessary for all couples — whether you’re a newlywed couple or an older, long-married couple. Having a healthy sex life is a great gift and a gift to enjoy and cherish. This is what makes marriage special — more than just a platonic relationship. 

Explore With Each Other "Your Sexual Style." All Couples Have This Style Or Mood At Some Point When They Get Married:

  • Spiritual: This is the unity of mind, body and soul that reflects your deep appreciation. It can be made by looking at the small moments in your life.
  • Funny: This style is when you can laugh and tease each other in bed. This is about mutual fun. There is light and playfulness.
  • Angry: This makes love even when you tickle each other. This style can be healing. However, make sure your problem is finally discussed and resolved.
  • Lusty: This style is evil and lazy. You might give each other a flirtatious appearance or do a "quickie". It’s also about the joy of having sex just for the sake of sex.
  • Tender: This style is gentle, romantic, healing sex that involves massage, light touches, and serving each other. You both become sexual sensations and focus on each other’s pleasures.
  • Fantasy: Fantasy style is a collaboration between the two of you and experiment a little. Be careful to share your personal sexual fantasies with each other. If you decide to share your fantasies with your partner, you need to set guidelines and respect other limits.

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What Should You Look for in a Freezer-Safe Container

A freezer-safe container is a storage container that allows food to be frozen for an extended amount of time without deteriorating or developing freezer burn. There are multiple commercial devices with various form factors developed for this role, and some of these containers can also be used to reheat food in a microwave oven. When deciding on a freezing method, keep in mind what types of foods will be frozen, how long the food will be frozen, and how much freezer space is available. To assist protect frost-sensitive goods, some cooks choose to use a mix of plastic or aluminium wrapping and another container.

There are a few different sorts of freezer-safe containers that may be used in practically any kitchen. Freezer bags, which come in a number of sizes, can keep a variety of foods and beverages for extended periods of time while taking up minimal space when correctly used. These bags are great for storing liquids like leftover soup or stock, and they're simple to name with a permanent marker. Some brands have seals that make it easy to open and close the bag, which is useful when removing excess air. To store fresh garden veggies through the fall and winter months, freezer bags are frequently used in conjunction with a stand-alone freezer.

For storing and reheating leftovers, rigid plastic containers are a popular choice. There are two types of containers: long-lasting, hard-plastic items that can withstand years of heavy use and less expensive, temporary containers. Both types of items are usually dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. When gifting food to another person or sending groceries to school with a youngster, the temporary freezer-safe container comes in handy. Both varieties come in a range of shapes and sizes, and many cooks find that having a selection on hand is beneficial.

For specific needs, several types of containers can be employed. An aluminium foil pan is frequently used to preserve oven-ready dishes like casseroles in a freezer-safe container. A vacuum-sealing system can reduce space while also keeping food fresh for those looking for long-term storage choices.

Aluminium foil and plastic wrap can be used for freezer storage if money is tight, as long as the object is properly wrapped and sufficiently insulated. To provide extra frost protection or to keep smaller items separate in a larger bag, these wraps are frequently used in conjunction with freezer bags. Regardless of the sort of freezer-safe container used, it's critical to keep track of when the food was frozen and consume or discard it before it degrades.

Not sure of how to pick up a better container to store frozen food? Go and see containers for refrigerators storage Malaysia 

Kota Kumuning

General Property info about Kota Kemuning

Kota Kemuning

Within the city of Shah Alam, Kota Kemuning is a township located near Subang. Kota Kemuning, developed by HICOM-Gamuda Development Sdn Bhd in 1994, was the developer's first foray into property development. This lovely metropolis surrounded by flora and wildlife has come into existence. Kemuning Utama, a township in its own right, is also part of this region.

The Bukit Kemuning Golf and Country Club and the Kota Permai Golf and Country Club, which have hosted various championships in the past, including the Maybank Malaysia Open, Volvo Masters, and the prestigious FORTIS International event, which saw the Kota Permai Golf and Country Club host the qualifying event for the prestigious World Cup of Golf, the inaugural Asian Nations Cup in 1999, have contributed to the township's rapid growth in recent years.

Kota Kemuning is a 1,854-acre integrated township that caters to property purchasers who want a back-to-nature lifestyle for themselves, with more than 45 per cent of the area allocated to parks, lakes, and greens, according to the developer. As a result, a slew of astute luxury developers has flocked to the region to stake their claims on unclaimed land. With significant features such as the Central Lake and Lakeside Drive with its continuous jogging track, basketball courts, and Wetland and Hill Parks, the plan was built on creating an eco-friendly environment for its community.

The residential areas in Kota Kemuning cater to those of a higher income group, with bungalows, semi-detached homes, and terrace houses; and while Kemuning Utama also has its fair share of semi-detached homes and terrace houses, they also have low to medium cost apartments to cater to those of a lower income group. Property prices in this area are still relatively modest, although new developments such as HomeTree and Broadleaf Residences, both by developer BCB Bhd, are on track to be finished in 2016 and 2018, respectively.

Some of Kota Kemuning's best attractions are its true concepts of nature, such as its central lake and the lakeside drive, which has a continuous jogging track; and the Kota Kemuning Hill Park and the 22-acre Wetland Park, which won the Landscape Planning Award, International Award by the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architect in 2003 and the Malaysian Institute of Planners' Urban Re-Development, Conservation and Rehabilitation Award in 2003.

Residents will be irritated attempting to get onto the KESAS highway during peak hours, despite all of the well-located expressways that go to and from Kota Kemuning, because the roads will be enormously clogged owing to the large number of cars that utilise that specific route. Commuters might spend over three hours on the road to and from work, but the benefit of living in a good neighbourhood outweighs the inconvenience of commuting. There is still an opportunity for property investors in Kota Kemuning as the township progresses and developers aim to persuade more people to move here.

general science course in Malaysia

Benefits of studying science courses

Once you are done your schooling and graduated successfully, the first question that will occur in your mind is ‘what is next? Some of you have a dream of studying or working in certain fields for a long time and you have always aimed for it. It is also normal if you have not had a particular plan which you can slowly find out later. One of the busiest courses that people will surely choose every year is the courses that are related to sciences. Whether it is medical or general science studies it will be preferred by many students. If you are someone who is interested in studying science-related courses this article is for you. This article is going to explain about benefits of studying the science of courses. Moreover, you can also look for the general science course in Malaysia to know about them.

general science course in Malaysia

Science is interesting and fun. This is one of the major benefits of studying science courses as your everyday classes will be filled with new information related to science. It will be fascinating to attend science classes as all those information is based on things that are happening around or inside us. You can study about body parts or about diseases of humans and animals which will be very much informative. Facts and information will be much more convincing to study in classes and this will give you a new idea about how you see things. 

Practical classes are available in science courses which allow you to practice the theories you are going to study in classes. Science is full of experiments that can be proved with practical lessons. Science courses will be interesting to study as they allow you to practice the things you have studied in classes. There are many past experiments that will be taught in classes and you can try them out in your labs. It is fun to study practical experiments at labs.

There are many job opportunities that will be waiting for you. Science is a wide subject and there are many elements filled in the course. Once you are done studying a general science course, you can specialize in what field you are going to study as your major field. You can have a rough idea about what are some of the fields about and you can find out what you are specifically interested in out of many science subjects. Job opportunities are important to be in abundance so that you can get a new job once you are done studying from college. There are many science-related jobs are available everywhere and you can get a job as soon as you are completed your studies. 

Leaning or studying science courses allow you to understand something in more depth. For instance, you can learn about the recent covid diseases in more detail. You can learn about the small to big facts about certain things which will allow you to understand something from scratch. Overall, studying science courses allow you to learn many things and will provide you with plenty of knowledge. 

Choose Right Space for Your Spa Business

For many businesses, location is critical, especially those that rely on interacting directly with clients. Given that 2020 was a year marked by the failure of many small businesses and the forced closure of many larger ones, the need of choosing the finest possible location for your day spa business appears more critical than ever. Need New Office for rent in KL? Thus, let us examine the variables to consider while launching or transferring your day spa business.

New Office for rent in KL

Your Day Spa Establishment Must Be Located Close To Your Clientele.

To attract a client, you must think in terms of one. If you are unwilling to go long distances to have a back massage or any other service, neither will your consumers. The majority of people are willing to attend salons and spa facilities that are no more than 10-15 minutes from their house or place of employment.

Thus, you have a starting point. If you already have a dedicated clientele, you should conduct research on their habits and even discuss the potential site with the most devoted customers. On the other hand, if this is your first time launching a day spa, you may be in a little better position. You will not be forced to give up some of your most loyal consumers, and nothing will hold you back. In that situation, you should conduct research on your target group's behaviors and attempt to locate them in the most appropriate spot.

Take Your Time.

New Office for rent in KL

While locating the ideal location may take some time, you should take your time and do it well. After you've checked that box, consider the size of the space you're considering leasing and the equipment you'll require for your business. While you're at it, don't forget to hire relocation helpers and select the best service for your needs - will you want assistance with packing and unpacking, or will you only require someone to move your belongings? As you can see, there are several considerations when starting a day spa business.

Choose The Business That Is Most Appropriate For You.

In terms of location, there are three primary categories of day spa enterprises. These facilities are often located within:

Storefront properties, retail centers or strip malls, and standalone buildings; each of these businesses has a number of advantages and disadvantages that you should carefully consider before making your final selection and signing the lease agreement.

Storefront properties are ideal for high-traffic commercial zones. Due to their popularity, they are not the cheapest option for your day spa.

If you can afford it, shopping complexes or strip malls are ideal locations for a day spa. Even commercial malls have competitive limits (which essentially means you will be the only entrepreneur selling day spa services within the mall) and generally favorable business conditions, their rents can be absurdly exorbitant. While visitors to a retail mall are your target audience, and you are not required to consider competition, such advantages come at a cost.

While freestanding buildings are comparable to storefront properties, these structures provide you greater control on the architecture, utilities, and other aspects of your space.

study bachelor of surgery in Ireland

The Advantages of Being A Doctor

  1. High pay

The pay is one of the most appealing aspects of becoming a doctor. Specialists and regular surgeons can earn three-figure salaries with experience, even if junior doctors may not notice a financial boost right away. While medicine needs a great deal of work and years of study, your income and life quality will be rewarded.

In Malaysia, these are the average monthly wages for doctors and surgeons:

  • Doctors (entry level): RM15,500
  • Doctors (8+ years experience): RM31,500
  • Surgeons (entry level): RM25,000
  • Surgeons (8+ years experience): RM52,000
  1. Traveling opportunities

While you may not be allowed to choose which country or state you want to practise medicine in, you will normally be provided with the opportunity of rating your top choices.

If you wish to travel while working, you may put your talents and experience to good use by assisting people in less advanced countries with limited resources and supplies. This would allow you to learn about various cultures while also caring for others and expanding your knowledge.

Despite the fact that a doctor's schedule is usually somewhat hectic, you still have the opportunity to travel while on the job. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), for example, is a worldwide humanitarian organisation that employs and dispatches doctors in over 60 countries across the world.

  1. Positive impact

Improving patients' lives can be extremely fulfilling and enjoyable. As a doctor and surgeon, you have the opportunity to witness firsthand the immediate impact of your job and how it benefits people. Doctors' labour is highly respected in society, even if you don't always get the results you want.

  1. Job stability

Doctors, in addition to having a high rate of graduate employment, also have a low turnover rate. Doctors, unlike employees in other professions, are rarely concerned about being relevant. People will constantly grow old and get unwell, implying that doctors and other medical personnel will be busy at all times.

  1. Win people's trust and respect.

When you work as a doctor or surgeon, you would be in a position of authority, and people will respect and trust your decisions. This makes you feel happy and secure in your talents, knowing that you can improve present working practises or work with specific patients.

  1. Work that is stimulating

While it depends on whatever field of medicine you want to specialise in, doctors usually have a lot of fun and intriguing situations on their days. Even though the shifts are lengthy, the work is diversified and often unpredictable, especially in emergency medicine. There are several problems, symptoms, and medications to consider, which necessitates remaining focused and making judgments in often difficult situations. You'll never be bored, to put it that way.

  1. Unusual encounters

Becoming a doctor and treating those in need could be challenging, but it can also provide you with a wealth of rewarding experiences. For instance, the satisfaction of saving someone's life or gaining appreciation from family members for assisting a relative. That great feeling is not something everybody will get to experience, and it might happen on a regular basis.

study bachelor of surgery in Ireland

For more information on studying bachelor of surgery in Ireland, click here.

Bandar Puteri Puchong

How to Find Your First Rental

Calculate how much you can afford to spend.

Determine how much rent you can easily pay before you start looking for your first apartment. Although experts disagree on the exact percentage of your income that should be spent on rent, a generally stated statistic is that rent should account for 30% of your monthly income. Families who spend more than 30% of their income on rent are considered "cost-burdened" by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

You must also include your debt payments, daily living expenses (groceries, eating out, entertainment), and other bills when calculating your feasible rent payment. Before you begin looking for an apartment, take the time to analyse your overall budget. In addition to your rent and other bills, make sure you leave enough money to put toward getting out of debt and saving money.

Locate the Area in Which You Wish to Reside

You must choose the finest location for you. This should involve things like locating a neighbourhood that you appreciate, as well as attractions and businesses that you enjoy. Another important thing to consider when deciding on the finest neighbourhood for you is its proximity to your workplace.

In general, the further you are from work, the more expensive transportation will be. Housing costs often reduce as you move further away from big urban centres, so there is a trade-off here. The rent savings may exceed the additional commuting costs, and residing near a public transportation route might help cut commute costs even further.

Many apartment-hunting websites and applications let you narrow your apartment search to a certain neighbourhood and show the range of rent pricing in that neighbourhood.

Bandar Puteri Puchong

Make a decision on whether or not you want to share a room.

Decide whether you want (or need) roommates after you've determined the broad price range you can afford. Sharing a room with one or more roommates has both advantages and disadvantages. If you split rent costs, you might be able to afford a larger apartment with more amenities, but you'll lose some solitude. If you're used to sharing a space with others, having roommates may be preferable. Others may find that having roommates complicates their living situation.

You could find that splitting the rent for an apartment with numerous bedrooms in Bandar Puteri Puchong is less expensive than renting a one-bedroom or studio apartment for yourself. Calculate how much money you'd save and whether the savings outweigh the loss of privacy.

Collect reliable references

When considering whether or not to rent an apartment to a potential renter, many landlords prioritise credit score. As a first-time renter, you might not have much of a credit history to fall back on, which is where references come in handy.

Having good references can help you acquire the apartment you want. You won't be allowed to use prior landlords as references, but you might be able to use your current employer. Your bosses and managers will be able to comment on your responsibilities and work performance. Hearing from a coworker's boss will also reassure your possible landlord that you'll be able to pay your rent on time.

If at all feasible, have your references write letters in advance. You'll have them on hand and ready to use in any application this way.

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Benefits of Masturbation for Men

The article mainly presents the top benefits of masturbation for men. However, I may have to introduce masturbation to the audience who wish to know much about it before I’m able to go for the highlight of this topic. Although most people might consider sex-related topics are taboo to discuss due to cultural and religious circumstances, viewing the topic from a scientific perspective is genuinely important since most of us lack the understanding regarding such body parts that every human has. Thus, without further ado, let me introduce what is masturbation. 

What is Masturbation? 

Masturbation is an erotic stimulation, particularly of one's genital organs, that commonly results in orgasm and is accomplished through manual or other bodily contacts apart from sexual intercourse, instrumental manipulation, or, on rare occasions, sexual fantasies, or various combinations of these agencies. A study conducted survey revealed, males reported masturbating at a higher rate (73.8 percent) than females across all age groups (48.1 percent ). Masturbation incidence rose with age in men: 62.6 percent of 14-year-old guys reported at least one past occurrence, whereas 80 percent of 17-year-old males claimed ever having masturbated. Since men masturbate more than women, what benefits men from doing so?  Let us take a look at the highlight of this whole article. 

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Benefits for men from Masturbation 

  1. Prostate Cancer prevention

The more men ejaculate in a month, the lower their risk of developing prostate cancer. For over 18 years, researchers followed nearly 32,000 males. Men who ejaculated at least 21 times per month had a 20% decreased risk of prostate cancer than those who did it less frequently. Some believe it helps wash out toxic compounds that may accumulate in sperm.

  1. Stress release

Men, we have some good news for you: masturbating more can improve your orgasms and make you a better lover. Indulging in a little self-love regularly can help you relax, sleep better, and boost your self-esteem. Those who masturbate weekly are 10% more confident in their ability to perform in the bedroom than men who do not. According to a study, males who touch themselves had superior orgasm quality.

  1. Pelvic floor muscle exercise

Kegel exercises are a good way to strengthen your pelvic floor or else men may also simply masturbate. Orgasmic contractions improve your pelvic floor muscles, which might aid with urinary disorders including incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction Prevention (possibly)

It's a fallacy that excessive masturbation causes erectile dysfunction (ED). When you can't obtain or keep an erection, you have ED. This viewpoint ignores some of the complexities of masturbation, as well as the physical and psychological causes of ED, many of which have nothing to do with masturbation or pornography.

  1. Partner relationship enhancement

Masturbating males and females perform better in bed, according to research. This is simply because they are aware of what works best for their bodies in terms of sexuality. Guessing games are entertaining, but only up to a point. Masturbation is an excellent method to learn about your body, and people who engage in self-love sessions are aware of what works for them. 
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