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Rasa Sayang ‘ours too… we have right to sing it’

KUALA LUMPUR: Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has dismissed an Indonesian legislator’s claim that the song Rasa Sayang belonged solely to Indonesia.

He was responding to a report in the Jakarta Post quoting Indonesian House of Representatives member Hakam Naja as saying that Jakarta should sue Malaysia for its use of the song in its “Truly Asia” tourism campaign. ( Story link )

What next, Mamula Moon? ;)

PSP enjoys 'Monster' success in Japan

And it would have outsold all of the competition combined if it weren't for that pesky Xbox 360 contributing 1,547 units to the tally. The number the other systems had to defeat was 129,986, the number of PSPs sold in Japan last week according to the compulsive counters at Media Create. Nintendo's DS occupied the second place in the chart with 58,916 sold -- less than half of that managed by the PSP.

The system's monster success arrives hand-in-hand with Capcom's Monster Hunter Freedom 2 G, which sold 880,468 copies in its first week. Capcom revealed earlier this week that it had already shipped over a million units of the PSP expansion in an attempt to satiate the demand for "epic battles with giant monsters."

Al-Qaeda leader al-Masri 'dead'

The US says Abu Obaida al-Masri, reputedly al-Qaeda's mastermind in Afghanistan, has died, but still skeptical about claim.The Interior Ministry is trying to gain custody of what it claimed was the body of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, a senior Iraqi official said Wednesday, amid widespread skepticism over reports that the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq had been killed.

Meanwhile, a police official in Anbar province said al-Masri died when his explosives belt detonated during fighting but security forces could not retrieve the body because it was in a part of the desert controlled by the terror group.

U.S. authorities urged caution about the reports, saying they had not been confirmed and warning that even if the claim were true, the death of the shadowy Egyptian militant likely would not spell the end of the terror movement in Iraq.

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MySpace and 3 major labels to launch MySpace Music

MySpace, Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, and Universal Music have announced plans to launch an online music web site called MySpace Music (not to be confused with the existing web site called MySpace Music, rather the new site will be a spinoff of MySpace's existing service).

The music companies wil be making their complete content libraries available. Users will be able to stream ad-supported audio and video for free, or pay to download files includign songs and ringtones, MySpace Music will also sell concert tickets and artis merchandise.

EMI hasn't signed onto the project yet, but the New York Times reports that sources say the 4th major label will probably join up soon.

The music labels will own a minority stake in the business, which will compete with Apple's iTunes. Of course, the labels are making money through iTunes sales as well, but they've been complaining for a whlie that as the dominant online music retailer, Apple has too much control over the pricing and distribution of digital music.

Should men wear heels?

Sales of men's high-heeled shoes are sky rocketing! Does Britain have that many height impaired men?

Sales of men's high-heeled shoes are up in British department stores, according to a story by the UK Telegraph, and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is believed to be to blame. It seems her husband, the diminutive President Sarkozy, has been been donning two-inch platform shoes (while Ms. Sarkozy wears flats) to balance out their height differential during official outings. 

The look, such as it is, has gained attention among Europe's short and stylish and UK businessmen have apparently followed, um, suit—the popularity of shoes like Jeffrey West's "Decadent and Dandy" lace-ups which sport a two-inch heel, has surged in recent weeks.

Via Telegraph.co.uk 

Indian investors interested in four sectors

It will be interesting to see the influx and development made through the hopeful Indian investors.

INVESTORS from India are interested in Malaysia’s biotechnology, food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Excerpt taken from: TheStar.com.my

Terengganu sports complex project cost skyrockets to RM450mil

THE cost of the Gong Badak Sports Complex near Kuala Terengganu has shot up by RM250mil to RM450mil due to postponements.

Excerpt from: TheStar.com.my 

Chia: Lee’s resignation won’t split Gerakan

THE resignation of Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon from his party posts would not cause a split in the party, Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye told China Press yesterday. 

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Somali pirates seize French yacht

Pirates board a luxury French yacht off Somalia's coast, taking all its 30 crew hostage.

The Ponant yacht "was the victim of an act of piracy", Christophe Prazuck was quoted as saying by AFP news agency.

The spokesman added that the vessel was sailing between Somalia and Yemen and had no passengers on board.

Via BBC.co.uk