Top Story: Number’s up for Ah Long!

KUANTAN: Now that most prepaid mobile phone users are registered, the authorities have a potent weapon to use against Ah Long.

They can now trace loan sharks through the telephone numbers printed on their call cards and advertisements. The police and the Housing and Local Government Ministry planned to check phone numbers used by moneylenders to verify whether or not they were licensed, said the deputy internal security minister yesterday.- more here

Finally – such a simple solution to a long standing problem.

I wonder if anyone figured it out previously when prepaids were not registered – that Ah Long distribute business cards and that these business cards have phone numbers. And you can, if you wish, call them and go undercover to find out where they are located and how they operate, pretend to be a borrower, and finally nab them.

In anycase, better late than never, let’s hope the authorities will use put technology to good use and clamp down on them.

ps: Does anyone know how the name Ah Long originated?