Things to Focus On Before Preparing For Ships Lay-Up

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Ship owners and crews should be equipped with enough knowledge in maintaining the ship’s condition. There are a few things that you should take very good care of, for instance, the preparations for lay-out. However, if you are not familiar with lay-ups, you can always get help from any lay up vessel service Malaysia. In this post, we will be going through what are the aspects that need to be taken care of before preparing a successful lay-up for your ship. 

What Does it Mean by Lay-Up Vessel?

When we say lay up a vessel, it means to stop using the vessel for a specific amount of time. Usually, the ships are laid-up because of a few reasons. The typical reasons are freight rates are not enough to support the cost of running or because of exaggerated use of it. The time taken can vary, sometimes it can be quite short, for instance, around a few weeks and can be deactivated for quite a long time, up until five years. 

Hot Lay-Up and Cold Lay-Up

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These are not new beverage names. They are the two common lay-up techniques that are often used. Let’s go through the meaning of hot lay-up. A hot layup means that the vessel's machinery is kept operational and can be re-commissioned quickly if the vessel's employment changes. If the vessel will be inactive for 12 months or less, it is common for it to be kept in a hot layup condition.

As for cold lay-up, it refers to the ship being put out of service due to a lack of work and secured or anchored in a safe location while searching for new work. The correct and suitable choice of technique will affect the whole process of laying up. Hence why, it is vital for those who are in charge to be experienced and equipped with the right knowledge, skills and techniques. 

Suitable Location for Lay-Up

You need a suitable and secure location for this. The hot lay-up location should preferably be close to the vessel's projected sailing route, taking into account its current position. Cold lay-up areas are typically secluded and have limited access to the vessel. For expensive and high-maintenance ships such as cruise ships, they need to be taken care of meticulously and their safety should be the main concern. 

How To Reactivate the Vessel?

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After not being used for a certain period, there are a lot of aspects and systems that need to be checked on. Everything depends on the downtime of the vessels and surveys need to be done beforehand. Expired certificates must also be reissued before the vessel can fully function again. If the vessel has been deactivated for quite a long time, the ship crews might face some difficulties in making sure that it can be used again. There are plenty of issues that can be faced if there is no proper inspection done before getting the vessel to work again. Therefore, there is a need to be concerned about the whole process and everyone should be prepared beforehand.