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The Advantages of Being A Doctor

  1. High pay

The pay is one of the most appealing aspects of becoming a doctor. Specialists and regular surgeons can earn three-figure salaries with experience, even if junior doctors may not notice a financial boost right away. While medicine needs a great deal of work and years of study, your income and life quality will be rewarded.

In Malaysia, these are the average monthly wages for doctors and surgeons:

  • Doctors (entry level): RM15,500
  • Doctors (8+ years experience): RM31,500
  • Surgeons (entry level): RM25,000
  • Surgeons (8+ years experience): RM52,000
  1. Traveling opportunities

While you may not be allowed to choose which country or state you want to practise medicine in, you will normally be provided with the opportunity of rating your top choices.

If you wish to travel while working, you may put your talents and experience to good use by assisting people in less advanced countries with limited resources and supplies. This would allow you to learn about various cultures while also caring for others and expanding your knowledge.

Despite the fact that a doctor's schedule is usually somewhat hectic, you still have the opportunity to travel while on the job. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), for example, is a worldwide humanitarian organisation that employs and dispatches doctors in over 60 countries across the world.

  1. Positive impact

Improving patients' lives can be extremely fulfilling and enjoyable. As a doctor and surgeon, you have the opportunity to witness firsthand the immediate impact of your job and how it benefits people. Doctors' labour is highly respected in society, even if you don't always get the results you want.

  1. Job stability

Doctors, in addition to having a high rate of graduate employment, also have a low turnover rate. Doctors, unlike employees in other professions, are rarely concerned about being relevant. People will constantly grow old and get unwell, implying that doctors and other medical personnel will be busy at all times.

  1. Win people's trust and respect.

When you work as a doctor or surgeon, you would be in a position of authority, and people will respect and trust your decisions. This makes you feel happy and secure in your talents, knowing that you can improve present working practises or work with specific patients.

  1. Work that is stimulating

While it depends on whatever field of medicine you want to specialise in, doctors usually have a lot of fun and intriguing situations on their days. Even though the shifts are lengthy, the work is diversified and often unpredictable, especially in emergency medicine. There are several problems, symptoms, and medications to consider, which necessitates remaining focused and making judgments in often difficult situations. You'll never be bored, to put it that way.

  1. Unusual encounters

Becoming a doctor and treating those in need could be challenging, but it can also provide you with a wealth of rewarding experiences. For instance, the satisfaction of saving someone's life or gaining appreciation from family members for assisting a relative. That great feeling is not something everybody will get to experience, and it might happen on a regular basis.

study bachelor of surgery in Ireland

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