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The Benefit of Video Marketing Production for Your Business

Using videos is quite common these days as they are known to be more effective than pure writings. In fact, online videos are now even more visible and so, they can help a great deal in your digital marketing campaign. Because of this, you need an online marketing agency in Malaysia, such as Republic digital marketing. Videos are now quite popular especially in the business world. They are now even used to market some products. 

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The thing with videos is that you can relay a good message in just a matter of seconds and you can even use it multiple times. That means, you only need to invest once. That is right, instead of hiring someone to talk and orient every new employee, a training video is just used to that. And this method is now really getting more popular because of its many benefits. 

Here are some benefits of training videos:

  • The price alone will already cause a big impact. You see, if you hire a trainer, you also need to feed him, pay for his travel expenses and so on. if the training will last for a number of days, and if he needs to move to different locations, then you will be the one shouldering everything. However, if you will just use a training video, you can easily make a number of copies and distribute them to where they should be. 
  • Time spent is another matter. With in-house training, they really need to just focus on the training that is done in a designated location during office hours. But that is not the case when you will just use a training video. With training videos, they can be watched during their free time like before they will get to work. Aside from that, important points will be compressed in a simpler form so that they will only run for a short time. 
  • When actual training is done, because they are done by different people, even if the thought might be the same still each one varies in their styles and ways of presentation thus there is a good chance that they will end up confusing the trainees. But of course you can’t expect the same thing when training videos are used being the same videos will be used to all trainees. 

Yes, there are indeed a lot of reasons why training videos are now well preferred by most companies. And the above situations are just some of them.

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The Importance of Prenatal Psychological Care

Psychological nursing is accomplished through the language, attitude and behavior of nurses. Good language information of nurses can improve the regulation function of internal organs of pregnant women, improve the pain threshold of pregnant women, eliminate the psychological tension, fear and unease, stabilize emotions and relieve pain.

Abdominal pain with cervical dilatation is the hallmark of labor in expectant women. Fear and anxiety often plague them before childbirth. These psychological problems can affect the progress of labor and maternal and child safety, and aggravate the pain and discomfort during delivery. Pregnant women's fear of pain, loss of self-control and all kinds of unexpected reactions and treatment are the main source of women's childbirth pressure, which directly affects the process of childbirth, and has an impact on maternal psychology. The key to correct guidance of maternal pain fully prepared and appropriate stress lies in the patient and meticulous psychological care of nurses.

Pain is a concept that cuts across both physical and psychological aspects. It is both a physical and a psychological response. Pain during childbirth is a psychological response by the body to a stimulus caused by uterine contractions. For normal contractions caused by paroxysmal pain, the puerpera cannot endure, so there are different degrees of tension, anxiety and irritability.

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Some women are particularly sensitive to pain, coupled with mental tension, agitation, fear and Shouting occur during contractions, so it will consume a lot of physical strength, affecting the normal progress of childbirth. Some puerpera are not fully prepared for the pain, so there is fear and irritability. Nursing staff should do a good job of maternal ideological work, strengthen their spiritual encouragement and support, so that they master the skills of relaxation, breathing control skills and transfer of attention skills, effectively alleviate the discomfort in the process of childbirth.

The distraction technique is to select a real or imaginary object as the point of attention and instruct the mother to focus on that point, diverting her attention from the pain and discomfort caused by contractions and increasing her tolerance to pain. This is because the brain's intense attention to one stimulus can inhibit its response to other stimuli.

The rate and rhythm of breathing can be influenced by body movements and mental states. When exercise or mental stress occurs, the breathing rate increases due to sympathetic excitation. With the increase in the intensity and frequency of contractions during childbirth, the mother's breathing will be affected and become irregular. Control of the rate and rhythm of breathing during contractions can also make the puerpera feel their own control and enhance their confidence.

Relaxation is a way to eliminate muscle and mental tension, relieve fatigue and restore peace of mind and body. This method is not only suitable for use during childbirth, but also widely used as a life skill.

Psychological care is a required course for nurses because they have daily contact with patients, so they have to learn how to comfort them. Application of nursing college is always open for those who have an interest in the nursing field.