Zumba: How it Works and the Health Benefits

Zumba has over the last couple of years grown rapidly to become one of the world’s most popular categories of group exercise classes. In fact, this dance of Latin origin is reportedly performed by in excess of 12 million people in some 110,000 sites spread across the globe.

Zumba fitness is basically an interval workout and although the majority of the moves involve high-impact dance moves such as jumping and bouncing, it can be modified according to your individual needs. The design of the classes is that they alternate between high- and low-intensity moves to boost your cardio endurance and heart rate.

The majority of the dance steps that are used in the Zumba routines are meant to focus on the hips and midsection with the goal of strengthening the core. The Zumba Steps and Zumba Toning workouts combine with some weights towards building muscles in the legs, arms, and glutes.


Health Benefits

If moving your body is your thing, then Zumba fitness is designed for you. After crunching the available statistics, researchers have found out that when you take part in a single class, you burn on average some 369 calories.

Some of the health benefits include the following:


Fat and Calorie Burning

Zumba classes support burning of large calorie amounts through the vigorous interval training and aerobic activity. This is because Zumba is both a fitness class and a dance. Because it has been designed as a blend of aerobics and salsa, there’s really no wrong or right way of doing Zumba. So long as you are moving to the music beat, you’re part of the exercise.

Because Zumba involves whole body movement, you’ll end up getting a full-body workout. Even a person who is just learning the Zumba dance steps will find themselves with a positive and definitive post-workout feeling when they wake up the following day.


Improved Blood Pressure

In a study carried out in 2015 that covered an overweight women group after Zumba classes covering 12 weeks, the women were found to experience blood pressure decreases and notable body weight improvements. Another study done in 2014 had found a blood pressure decrease among the participants after only 17 Zumba classes.


Boosts the Mood

If you wish to eliminate the day’s accumulation of stress, then Zumba is the ideal workout. The Zumba specific upbeat moves favor the release of endorphins, the mood-improving hormones.


Zumba is certainly one of the most versatile and fun fitness crazes to hit the world in a long time. The best thing about Zumba is that classes can be modified for any level of fitness, although most of the moves entail bouncing and jumping.

Before you join the Zumba class, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor in case you have been inactive for some time, taking medication, or having any medical issues. Additionally, discuss with the instructors before the classes about any health conditions and your level of fitness. They can always suggest some modifications

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