National Service Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said since early this year, around 1,300 teenagers volunteered for the conscription-based National Service and the numbers continue to increase.

“We believe that parents are now more aware of how their children would benefit from the training programs, so they encourage their children to participate.”

Abdul Hadi added that in contrast to when the National Service has introduced five years ago, parents and their children were now more accepting of the program.

And one of the main indications of the change in attitude is the rise in the number of parents giving their consent for their children to undergo firearms training.

“In previous years, most camps received about 96 percent consent rate from parents. But this year, the rate has increased to between 98 and 100 percent,” said Abdul Hadi, adding that the first camp to receive 100 percent parents’ consent was the National Service Camp at Teluk Sari, Endau in Mersing.

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