Your Best Penis Enlargement Options


Most men would love to have a larger penis. It simply is a matter of fact. However, is there one way that works better than others for obtaining a larger penis? Despite what many people believe, the penis does not have much in way of muscle. It is a spongy tissue that engorges when blood flows into it. This means it is not like a muscle in the body where continually working it out will make it bigger. Doesn’t work that way. However, with that being said, there are a few ways available to individuals who want to increase the size of their penis.

Drop the Pounds

One major contributor to having the looks of a small penis is simply being overweight. The more fatty tissue around the pelvic region of the body, the smaller it is going to look. From enlarged thighs to a larger gut, the penis sill look small. However, dropping the weight will allow the penis to become more pronounced, plus it will improve functionality as well. This doesn’t require any kind of surgery and it improves an individual’s health, making it a desirable option.


Penis enlargement surgery isn’t like a woman wanting larger breasts. It is much more in depth. Part of the penis must actually be removed with more skin grafted on. It is a painful process and, while it is still possible to increase the size, there are individuals who do not experience the same sensitivity as they did before, so sexual performance may drop off, depending on how the body and, more specifically, the nerves of the penis heal. This is an extreme case and, outside of most situations, really isn’t all that necessary.

Penis Enlargement Injections

Penis enlargement injections, performed by an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, is typically a silicone based injection that is pumped directly into the penis. This is similar to the material used in breast enlargements. It is a firmer material that does give the penis a larger feeling and it shouldn’t affect the sensitivity of the penis too much as the nerve endings and skin remain untouched. It is important to not go overboard with this process though. As the penis is a sponge, it is possible to absorb a large amount of the product. Too much silicone can cause problems, so working with a specialist when it comes to this is a must. Also, the injections work more for increasing the girth of the penis. The length is not going to increase all that much.

Stretching Devices and Pumps

Stretching devices, in theory, help stretch out the skin of the penis and, over time, the penis just becomes use to the extended length of the tissue (similar to a shirt being stretched out and no longer returning to its original, tighter form. These devices must be worn for hours a day, often for months at a time. Penis pumps work like a vacuum and can increase the appearance of the penis for a limited time.


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