Why More and More People are Experiencing Hair Loss at a Young Age


Losing Hair at 20
It may be a surprise to discover that even a 20 year old may begin to lose their hair. Many young individuals feel desperate when they discover that they are experiencing the loss of their hair so young. It may be due to genetics for some. There are some other causes for early baldness or alopecia. This may occur to both male and females. the following may be other causes for early hair loss. These include:
* fungal infection
* chemotherapy
* nutritional deficiencies
* a skin condition
There may be a number of medical causes for a young person to experience hair loss.

Hair Loss is not Just for Older People
There is an image in the eyes and minds of many. This image incorporates the notion of hair loss and older people. Most people associate the loss of hair to middle-age or older. It is a burning question, what causes hair loss? Doctor Chen Tai Ho is an aesthetic doctor in KL who is a member of Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Malaysia and does have a medical degree within the dermatology area. He is well-informed on issues surrounding hair loss within younger individuals. Hair loss may start at any age. It ought to be known that there is assistance available to help with hair loss. It is not just an issue for older people.

Reasons For Early Age Hair Loss
There are several reasons why there are more and more younger people experiencing hair loss. The following are some reasons:
* early male pattern baldness; this occurs in a high number of younger males. This is a condition that half of the male population will suffer from prior to their 50th birthday. This is an estimation for men in the UK. This is caused and triggered by an enzyme that is produced in the body

* Alopecia Areata; this is an autoimmune disorder. It may be a reason that someone young may experience hair loss

* Traction Alopecia; this is hair loss that is the direct result of the pulling on hair. It is also from the overuse of chemicals that are in styling products
These are only a sample of why more individuals are experiencing hair loss at a young age.


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