When Should You See a Doctor to Treat Hair Loss?


A small amount of hair loss is natural for everyone, but there are hair loss causes that are not natural and require the attention of an aesthetic doctor in KL. Doctor Chen Tai Ho is an example of a doctor who will treat hair loss to help restore and improve your appearance. Since there are many causes for hair loss, it’s worth seeing a doctor who specializes in that particular symptom because he or she will understand the various causes and treatments.

The Most Common Causes for Hair Loss

The most common causes for hair loss are heredity and illness such as high fever or surgery. Other causes include:

• Chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer
• Damaged hair because of tight braids or ponytails, dyes or curling irons
• Aging because hair gets thinner as you grow older
• Poor nutrition with low amounts of iron or protein
• Ringworm on the scalp, which is common in children

When to Call a Doctor for Hair Loss

There are several symptoms that are not considered part of normal hair loss. You should call an aesthetic doctor in KL such as Doctor Chen Tai Ho if:

• The hair loss is sudden and not gradual
• Large amounts of hair are coming out after combing or brushing
• Your hair becomes thinner
• You believe a medicine you are taking may be causing hair loss
• You have other symptoms such as a rash or scaly skin along with hair loss
• You are gradually getting a bald spot

Hair transplant consultation --- Image by © Adam Gault/Science Photo Library/Corbis

Visit a Doctor as Soon as You See Unusual Hair Loss

It is not recommended to wait too long before seeing a doctor. Even if you don’t know the cause, the sooner you see a doctor, the sooner the cause can be diagnosed and treated. This is not only better for your hair, but also for your appearance. You can expect the doctor to ask about your medical history and take a blood sample. He may also do a scalp biopsy. This test is quick and painless and will allow the doctor to examine your follicles and determine if the loss is genetic, infectious, inflammatory or due to unusual emotional or physical shock.

If the blood test shows that you are low in iron, the doctor can prescribe a dietary supplement. If the hair loss appears to be because of aging or menopause, you can discuss with the doctor if hormone replacement therapy is a wise choice for you. Statistics show that about 50 percent of women who have hair loss can be successfully treated with medication, better nutrition or hormones. If the cause is hereditary, there are topical medications that have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Hair is a main aspect of your appearance, and when it starts to go, you may feel a loss of self-esteem, especially if you don’t like the way your appearance is changing. This may be more serious for women and teenagers. If this happens, a doctor will be your best friend.


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