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Weight loss is a condition where by there’s a reduction in total body mass of an individual. Weight loss could either be intentional or unintentional.
belly-2473_NowfXpq.max-1000x800Unintentional weight loss
Unintentional weight loss could be as a result of nutrients deficiency in a person’s body, hormonal changes, medication, disease, to name but a few. Aesthetic doctors consider unintentional weight loss of at least 10% in a period of six months a medical problem. A 5% weight loss in a months’ time, which is uncalled for is also regarded a medical problem. Unintentional weight loss could be characterised with a diagnosis of a disease such as type 1 diabetes. Unintentional weight loss can also be as a result of social conditions like poverty, distress to name a few.
weight-loss (1)Intentional weight loss
Intentional weight loss is the loss of body mass with the aim of improving an individual’s fitness and health. Intentional weight loss is more so important to overweight people as it reduces health risks such as onset of diabetes, reduction of hypertension among others. There are a numerous weight loss tips that individuals can apply in their daily lives:

young teenager drinking water after exercise.
• Drinking water: it’s true that drinking water and especially before meals helps with weight loss. The reason behind it is that water helps improve body metabolism helping one burn few calories.

• Taking black coffee: studies have shown that caffeine helps boost body metabolism. It’s advisable not to add too much sugar, as it will reduce the benefits one gets from drinking coffee.

Picture of woman drinking herbal tea (green tea) from Alamy
• Drinking green tea: green tea has many benefits which include weight loss.
• Taking walks: it’s advisable to always take walks regularly, as this will increase the body metabolism leading to loss of unwanted body fats.

• Exercise of portion control: this involves healthy eating habits which reduce on calories, thus helping with weight loss. It’s also advisable to keep check of what you eat.

• Doing cardio exercises: workout that gets your heart rate running will help burn calories, and as a result help with weight loss. Some of the cardio exercises include: cardio kickboxing among others.
This are just but some of the many tips that one could employ to lose weight. However, there are stubborn fats which are resistant to all efforts applied in eliminating them, be it exercise or diet. Under such circumstances it is advisable to seek CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment which is non-surgical. ZELTIQ Coolsculpting in Malaysia is an aesthetic clinic which specialises in coolsculpting procedure. A candidate for this procedure has to be relatively fit, as this procedure is not exactly intended for weight loss purposes but for eliminating fat bulges which are resistant to diet and exercise.
In order to achieve permanent weight loss, individuals must work out regularly, practise portion controls to name but a few. By doing so one is able to lead a healthy lifestyle with low chances of getting lifestyle diseases like obesity.


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