I hail from Kuala Terengganu and although having spent a major part of my life in KL, the seaside town is still very much close to my heart.

I still make that annual pilgrimage back just to touch base with relatives and friends who live in Kampung China. And visit the boatmakers of Pulau Duyung (a place made famous by Chang Fee Ming), as well as the Pasar Payang.

Things that interest me are mostly related to the outdoors, such as archery, kiting, and fishing. My enthusiasm in the former was curtailed somewhat due to a bad rotator cuff injury back in 2002 and now the bows and arrows lie dormant in my closet. Perhaps, when I have the time, and the open archery range is ready, I will pick them up again.

I also enjoy kite flying – traditional and modern ones. At the height of that insanity, I even made a two-metre traction kite, the NPW5. And several deltas and stunts but the lack of flying grounds in Kuala Lumpur has grounded this interest for the moment. Funny, isn’t it? Development has a way of taking the fun of out of the most simple activity in life.

Fishing is something I which I have always enjoyed but the enthusiasm is now dampened by time constraints and work commitment – save for an occasional foray into the beaches nearby and at the Kundang pay ponds.

Oh, I enjoy painting, too. But that’s another story…

What else?

Other subjects of interest also include advertising, marketing and public relations, as well as the web, internet marketing and media.

Since this is my first blog, I think I will not overstay my welcome and keep this post short and simple.

Have a good day.