Veggies, Beans, and Meat: Oh My! The Benefits of a Flexitarian Diet


With the ever-growing number of diet fads and weight loss programs out there, it can be really difficult to decide where and how to begin your weight loss journey. Some diets are homemade, some are really expensive, and some are so rigid that they become almost impossible to follow. Some diets, however, really do promote healthier lifestyles while not attempting to completely rewrite the way you’re currently living. One such diet is the Flexitarian Diet, which was started by Dawn Jackson Blatner in 2009 and continues to be a popular diet choice today.

The Flexitarian Diet is centered around the idea of living a vegetarian lifestyle while still being able to occasionally enjoy your favorite meat meals. Instead of taking away a bunch of different types of food or food groups, this diet instead add five new food groups to what you’re currently eating: “New meat” (tofu, beans, lentils), Fruits and Vegetables, Whole grains, Dairy, and Sugar and spice. The idea is to try and incorporate more of these into your meals and start moving away from meat-heavy days, although you aren’t completely refrained from eating meat altogether. The diet aims to hit about 1,500 calories a day – 300 during breakfast, 400 during lunch, and 500 during dinner, with snacks coming in around 150 each.

As with any diet, there are both positives and negatives associated with the Flexitarian Diet. Some of the positive points include a variety of available recipes, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and, as the name suggests, more flexibility than a lot of other diets. The negative reviews tend to revolve around just learning new ways and ideas for getting protein outside of just meat or carbohydrates – switching to pasta, while obviously a change from meat, doesn’t really lead to the type of weight loss goals most are looking for.

Blatner herself is a registered dietitian nutritionist and the diet itself has been shown to promote lower BMIs and lower risks for type 2 diabetes, so starting this diet can certainly help you on the way to a healthier lifestyle. As with most appropriate diets, it may take a little time to become adjusted to the new eating habits, but over time you can really begin to see true progress. So whether you are a burger lover, a recent vegetarian or even a brand new dieter, the Flexitarian Diet could be a great option for you. See more at London Weight Management Malaysia


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