Valentine’s Beauty Gift Guide for Teenage Girls

Valentine’s Beauty Gift Guide for Teenage Girls

How do you make a girl smile on Valentine’s Day? You give her a gift that will help her look and feel her best for months to come. The right skin care products or bath products will will work for any girl, including those who seem to already have it all. The following gift guide will help you get into a teenager’s mind to select the perfect gift for the young lady in your life.


A Solid Foundation + Protection

You know the difference that a good BB cream can make, but the best BB cream isn’t always the most affordable cream. Teenagers are at the perfect age to start protecting their skin from damaging sunlight but can’t always afford quality creams, so a good BB cream with SPF protection is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Select a tint that will work well with her skin, and teach her how to use the cream as a cosmetic product as well as one of her most effective skin care products.



Makeup Accessories

Many teenagers receive makeup gift sets for their birthdays and during the holidays, and they settle for the cheap brushes, applicators and accessories that come in those kits. If you want to give your teen options for applying makeup or show her what it’s like to use higher quality products, you may want to deliver some of the following accessories for Valentine’s Day:

  • Brush set
  • Powder puffs
  • Eyelash curler
  • Contour brush



Emergency Beauty Kits

A few leading cosmetics and beauty brands are now offering these kits, but you can just as easily purchase a cute makeup bag and create your own. The goal is to fill the bag with items that any teenager can use to fix a variety of beauty problems. For instance, add hairspray so that she can quickly eliminate flyaway hair and a nail file to smooth out those unexpected breaks. You can make it something that your girl wants to carry everyday by adding lip gloss, concealer and other items for everyday beauty on the go.



Bath & Spa Sets

It’s easy to select gels, lotions and creams that smell good, but go the extra mile for your teen this year. Give her a set of quality bath products, including bath salts, moisturizing body wash and lotion. Add a manicure or pedicure set along with fingernail polish and directions for a nail art design that she hasn’t tried yet. You may even add a face mask, foot cream and soft Aloe Vera socks. Wrap it all up with a luxurious bathrobe so that she has everything needed to pamper herself on the weekend.



Add a Personal Touch

All of these Valentine’s Day gift suggestions are suitable for all teen girls, but you can make any gift more special by adding a personal touch. Maybe this is your opportunity to write a detailed note telling her that you’re so proud of the beautiful young woman she’s becoming. You may add collectible items from her favorite rock band or even tuck in tickets to an upcoming concert. These are the final touches that will show any girl that a gift was chosen with great care just for her.


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