Using Botox For The Face

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Using Botox For The Face

A prescription medication that is directly injected into targeted muscles on the body, Botox injection is commonly used to reduce a person’s frown lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles and laugh lines. This process is generally very safe and Botox side effects are extremely uncommon. When something adversely happens it is typically because a person has attempted to save time or money by going to a medical professional that is not very experienced or trustworthy


What Is Botox?
Designed as a temporary fix for lines and wrinkles, a Botox injection is designed to slow down the muscles that are in the injected areas. This translates to less wrinkles and less signs of aging. This process can easily be used to smooth out the chin area, soften crow’s feet, smoker’s lines and make the neck look more youthful. The results are temporary so the process can be repeated as necessary. Often the best results are found with minimal injections at a time.


Botox Side Effects
Many people have heard horror stories that Botox can numb the nerves in your face, leaving you unable to show emotion or move your mouth. The truth is that Botox actually doesn’t have any effect on nerve function. Too high of a dosage or too frequent of injections can cause side effects but this can easily be avoided.

Is There Pain Involved?
During the process of Botox injections there might be a little bit of surface pain involved when the injection is being done but most people say this is tolerable. A topical anaesthetic can be used to decrease pain at the injection site if need be. Ice can also be used as a simple way to numb the area.

Who Can Utilize Botox?
While many middle aged women use Botox as a way of looking more youthful, this process can also be used by younger women in order to prevent wrinkles prior to them creeping up or at the first signs of an issue.

Each Botox treatment will usually last about three to four months depending on how much of the prescription was used and how many injections were administered. There really isn’t much of a recovery process but it can take a few days to see full results. If using this process prior to a special event, you should always allow a few days to heal.


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