Ultherapy: The latest in non-invasive facelift


In the world of anti-ageing procedures, be it minimally invasive or fully non-surgical, there is one procedure that is making its name known worldwide: Ultherapy.

It is a skin-tightening procedure that uses an ultrasound that is set into a high frequency to lessen wrinkles. This FDA-approved  “ultrasound therapy” tightens the skin by boosting the production of collagen in the area it is applied to and makes the patient look 10-15 years younger. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that is usually done to tighten the skin on the face, neck area, and under the chin.

Better than anything else 

This up and coming procedure is not only the latest but also the best in facelift treatments. Unlike a surgical facelift, there are no incisions made, therefore, there is also little to no downtime or waiting period before the results are observed. Compared to laser treatments that only reach the upper layer of the skin, the use of ultrasound enables this treatment to reach until the deep foundations of the skin. It stimulates the formation of collagen that is responsible for connecting the skin tightly to the muscles of the face and neck region.

How it feels 

For the majority of the patients, the most notable experience during the treatment is the painful sensation from the specialized ultrasound device. Most practitioners suggest that patients take pain-reducing medications and apply numbing cream on the area they wish to undergo treatment. Because people have different levels of pain threshold, high level of pain might be experienced by some, but this might be minimal to others.              Right after the procedure, the face may look slightly red and may feel puffy and numb. This effect, however, varies from person to person and is reduced after a 1-2 hours, in which the results may be observed immediately.

What to expect    

Because the treatment lies in the ability of the person to produce collagen that would initiate the tightening of the skin, how long before the results could be observed also depends on from person to person. Some patients report being able to see a difference just after a few hours, while some wait for 2-3 days before the results are noticeable.   Most patients undergo this treatment only once. However, because the skin continues to age, it is advised that a follow-up treatment every 12 months is done in order to keep the skin looking young.

Those who have visible signs of aging on their skin are ideal candidates for this procedure. These signs include less toned or less firm skin on the face such as the presence of lines and wrinkles beside the eye, dropped eyelids and eyebrows, and sagging skin under the chin.


The entire process induces the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen that would tighten the loose skin, which is why the neck is also a great target for this treatment. Ultratherapy is a guaranteed safe procedure that combines skin tightening with tissue rejuvenation and promises better and younger-looking skin in no time.


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