TUNNEL OF LOVE REVISITED – 6 Things to Consider Before Getting a Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

The looseness of a vagina is a serious lady business. Losing that sweet vertical smile down there is no laughing matter. Women experience damage to the vagina after childbirth and naturally because of aging. Nowadays, besides medical reasons, women go for aesthetic treatment or that so-called “designer vagina.” Women seek experienced doctors in this field for consultation for a laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is really more of a purposeful method rather than an aesthetic procedure. If you are intending to undergo this kind of procedure, determine your reasons carefully. Here are 6 determining factors from a woman’s perspective and perhaps a partner’s influence before any “V” rejuvenation can be deemed necessary.


  1. Severe tearing of the vaginal tissues due to childbirth. You might be in need of medical rectification if perineal slits lacerate vaginal tissues. Multiple childbirths would necessitate surgery to prevent the situation from turning into a serious medical condition.
  1. Loss of Bladder Control. When muscles that hold the bladder, uterus and vagina weaken because of childbirth, old age or menopause, women are likely to lose voluntary control of urination. The loss of bladder control is a distressing and most embarrassing situation that can happen to a woman.


  1. Weak Vaginal Muscles. Childbirth and menopause are the culprits for weak vaginal muscles. You are likely to suffer pain and discomfort when your vagina enlarges due to these major feminine events. The tendency is for the muscles to wear out such that tightening of the canal becomes the only option.
  1. Stretched Labia Skin. The “lips” of the vagina or the labia skin can stretch over time. If it does, it gives an uncomfortable feeling to a woman. Stretched “lips” can be annoying if it gets swollen doing physical activities like cycling or wearing of tight underwear or clothing. However, be mindful because the labia is a sexually functioning female skin that removing part of it may have long lasting consequences.


  1. Scent of the Lady Flower. Another compelling reason is perhaps the scent of the vagina. After childbirth or every menstrual cycle, your vagina may emit a nasty smell. A healthy vagina, with the right pH balance, will always smell fresh and clean. Vaginal rejuvenation may not be the proper solution for this dilemma. Your doctor would be in a position to diagnose your problem and prescribe the medication. STI’s, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection are some of the causes of those horrid smells down under.
  1. Sexual Enhancement. The prime and intimate consideration of all in the subject matter of vaginal rejuvenation is enhanced sexual satisfaction. Women and their partners who think much can be done to improve sexual pleasure are definitely skewed to a have a designer vagina.

Besides regaining tight vaginal walls beginning at the entry point, a woman would desire to gain muscle strength and control as well. It is confidence boosting for a woman to feel wanted by her partner especially when physical intimacy is electrifying.

If you have thoroughly assessed the major factors and identified some as applicable to you, then vaginal rejuvenation may be the solution. You are encouraged to seek out only the qualified vaginal surgeon who can give you the most delicate attention and care.

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