Top 7 Reasons Why You Need A Primer



Primers are a fairly modern invention, coming into popularity only in the early 2000s. For the uninformed, a makeup primer is basically a layer that is applied on the face before the foundation and rest of the makeup goes on.

Although many have argued that primers are redundant, but others swear by its efficacy and will never start a makeup session without it. Here are the reasons these primer fans are so enthusiastic:


Primers Even Out Skin Tone 

This is especially useful for those with uneven skin tones, or have sensitive skin and are prone to redness. Having an even skin tone helps your makeup look much better and less awkward.


It Softens Your Skin 

Users actually report that primers are able to smooth out old scars, wrinkles and fine lines to give your face that overall softer and younger look. Additionally, it also covers pores to provides that soft velvety texture your skin needs to look like porcelain. This also allows the subsequent makeup to appear more prominent, allowing you to use less pigments to achieve a desired look.


landscape-1436441417-primer-tipsPrimers Help Makeup Stay Longer 

Any type of primer, whether cream, gel or powder helps any foundation stay much longer than if no primers were applied. Primers provide that extra grip that allows your makeup to withstand sweat, heat and the elements.


Primers are Easy to Use 

There’s no need for you to rely on brushes or powder puffs as most primers can be applied just by using your fingers. In fact, using your fingers lets the primer blend in better and faster as fingers provide the warmth needed for it to be absorbed.


Improves the Appearance of Acne 

If you’re suffering from a breakout, primers will help to reduce the redness of the acne or pimples to provide a more even colour and texture. Keep in mind though, that primers don’t actually help to heal or prevent pimples, but they do improve appearances.


Suitable for Any Skin Type and Tone 

Whatever skin shade you have, primers are suitable for you as many of them are colorless and clear. This means you don’t have to agonize over choosing one that is closest to your skin tone. Primers are also very versatile and can be used by those with normal, combination and oily skin.


One really great primer you can try is the Banila Co primer, which comes as a translucent gel or tinted cream. Try it out today for an unforgettable makeup experience!

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