Top 3 Natural Ways of Skin Whitening

If you want to have a lighter skin, using natural products can lighten it a few shades avoiding the severe side effects experienced with using chemical bleaching creams. The easier act of avoiding sunlight will as well preserve your skin from being darker. Below are some of the natural methods for skin whitening.

natural skin whitening



1. Apply a lemon juice solution

Many people have used Lemon juice as a natural skin lightener for a long period. It contains acids that lightly whiten the skin and removes the upper coating of the dark skin cells. For the reason the pure lemon sap might be irritating to the skin, you can mix lemon juice and water, and the solution is spread on the surface of the skin using a fine cotton ball. After 15 minutes, the solution is cleaned off with warm water.

lemon juice natural skin whitening

• Limit your usage of lemon sap to only two to three times in a week. Applying the solution might result in skin irritation. It is good to apply a conditioner after washing off the solution sap since the juice may make your skin dry.
• You should start to experience the outcome after one month of applying the solution severally per week. While lemon sap does not offer immediate results, it is the best effective natural mixture accessible.
• Be careful if you ever try to put any citrus sap on your skin, as the response between UV light and photosynthesizing elements contained in citrus fruits can result to phytophotodermatitis. You can also visit an aesthetic clinic for more information about the products to use. While it is fine to apply lemon sap on your skin, you must wash if off properly ahead of going out to the sun.

2. Try a lemon milk bathe

For a comfortable full-body bleaching treatment, starting by bathing in a warm water is very crucial. Decant a mug of milk that has fats and squash the sap of the whole lemon into the bathing tub. Swirl the solution around for the lemon and the milk to be evenly disseminated in the tub. Immerse in the bathtub for short period and then wash your skin with clean water.
• The milk in this bathe contains enzymes that gently alleviate the skin, and it as well moisturizes your skin, counteracting the drying components of the lemon sap.
• Attempt a milk bathe once every week, and the outcome will be evident after three to four weeks.

lemon milk bath for skin whitening

3. Prepare a yogurt honey mask

The same as milk, yogurt has enzymes that can gently alleviate your skin and on the other hand, honey contains antibacterial and moisturizing properties. When the two ingredients are mixed they make a nourishing mask. Make a mixture of one part of yogurt and one part honey, and then spread the combination on your body and face. Give it 15 minutes to settle and then wash it off with warm water.
• Ensure you use bare, flavourless yogurt because flavoured or surgery yogurt will get too gummy.
• As an alternative for the honey, try pounding an avocado or use aloe substance instead, since the two products have wonderful moisturizing properties.

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