This Crazy Love Of Mine – 6 Craziest Things People Do for Love


Love makes the world go round so they say and people who are madly in love will go great lengths to experiment with outlandish aesthetic treatments for the sake of love. If you think love does not make the world go round, what then does it do? Would you instead say love is what makes the ride worthwhile? With that mindset, perhaps you are the kind of person who would consider vaginal rejuvenation treatments for that stimulating gift to your significant other on V-day.  Enhancing beauty with aesthetic treatments is no longer unthinkable. The days of invasive facelifts are long gone. Today, aesthetic treatment or cosmetic surgery is the miracle wonder. You can choose to beautify your head, neck or body. You can even go to the extreme by electing to have the craziest cosmetic surgery to be more desirable to your sweetheart. How crazy can you get?


6 Craziest Things People Do for Love: From The AWW to The WOW



A dimple is the cutest facial muscle cavitation in both genders. People who envy over dimples undergo Dimpleplasty. In a brief half-an-hour surgery, a dimple can be had to add beauty to your smile.



Dermaplaning is a form of cosmetic procedure which uses a scalpel to smoothen the face. It exfoliates and improves skin tone and texture for that silky feeling. It takes no more than 30 minutes to have that radiant looking appearance.



Bird poop or powdered nightingale’s composts were used by geishas for its skin-lightening qualities. This ingredient brings about ceramic ivory skin and revitalized complexion.



Drooping eyelids are lifted by taking out excess skin, muscle, and fat. The procedure is called Blepharoplasty or double-eyelid surgery where it creates a natural eye fold.



Eyes can be sultry in colorful shades through an iris implant surgery. Unlike colored contact lenses, you will forever look foreign after this permanent eye color change.



This is probably the craziest but the most intimate approach to keeping the fire alive. Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are non-surgical procedures that use pioneering laser technology to tighten vaginal walls at the point of entry and shape the labia for that virgin feel. A crazy and fabulous way indeed!


There is nothing wrong doing the unthinkable for the sake of love. In reality, love is a decision and never a feeling. Love is real when two hearts beat as one.

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