The Haze Affects Your Skin More Than You Think: Skin Care Tips

The Haze Affects Your Skin More Than You Think: Skin Care Tips

According to satellite data compiled from NASA, the United Kingdom recently experienced weather patterns that resemble the hottest months of summer, yet it was spring. The heat trapped in the area was exacerbated by pollution particles, which cast a visible haze over the region. It was particularly visible in areas where stagnant air settles due to a system of high pressure, UK Air reported. They also mentioned that many pollution particles were drifting to the north from the European continent.


Face Products and The Haze

Face products are popular in the UK regardless of the season, climate or weather patterns. There is a wide range of makeup styles worn in this area, and this often includes eye mask products, sunscreen for face and other beauty products. However, there is always a significant impact on your skin in areas where air pollutants are highly concentrated. The chemicals in the skin products are affected by heat and pollution particles, which can cause systemic inflammation reactions in people who already have a depressed immune system.


Understanding the impact of these pollutants is just the first step to keeping your skin healthy all year. The next step is to modify your behaviour in areas with a high concentration of pollution. This helps to reduce the combined impacts that heat, air pollution and chemical reactions can have on your health. Health officials recommend that people with lung or heart problems should avoid engaging in outdoor sports during times when the haze is present, for example. Although different people certainly react differently when exposed to the same conditions, it is in everyone’s interest to minimize these effects.

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Strategies for Health

If you use sunscreen for face during times when the haze is present, the chemicals in the product may react to the air particles and the heat. Try to reduce the amount of sunscreen you apply to the face, and minimize the length of time you spend in the sun. When you go indoors, clean your face thoroughly with this organic oil cleanser. It is also common to experience eye irritation during periods where the haze is present, but this irritation may be exacerbated if you are wearing an eye mask. Using a saline solution can help relieve the irritation, and you may want to avoid going outside as much as possible during these days.


The haze can affect the skin indirectly as well. Air pollutants often enter the body through the process of inhaling, and they can irritate the nervous system, which will often cause people to experience symptoms including dry coughing, inflamed sinuses, runny nose and sore throat. Once the air pollutants reach the central nervous system, they can trigger skin conditions like cold sores, acne, outbreaks, rosacea, psoriasis and other epidermal disorders. The severity of the symptom will depend on the health of the individual, but everyone is affected to a certain extent. You can reduce the severity of these effects by boosting your immune system. Stimulate your body’s natural healing capacity by taking Goldenseal, garlic, ginger, turmeric and Chinese herbs for the immune system.





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