The Basic Necessities for Expressive Eyes


The eye makeup you choose to wear defines your cosmetic aesthetic. A dark, smokey, smudgy look can tell on-lookers that you are feeling edgy and powerful. On the other hand, a natural look can help you communicate that you are confident in your own beauty. However you choose to wear your makeup, there are a few things that you are going to need before you get started. And online shopping in Malaysia now makes it easier than ever to get what you need to help you cosmetically express and accentuate.


Eyebrow Pencil
While there are some people who are fortunate to have flawless eyebrow density, most of us need a little bit of help filling in the gaps, so to speak. Make sure that you choose a colour that will not be off-putting next to the colour or your hair.


Depending on the look you want to achieve, you will need different colours and colour pallates of eyeshadow. These come in creams and powders, some of which require primers. Remember that eyeshadow can be helpful even if you choose a more natural approach. It can help to cover dark spots on the eyelid and add glow to your face’s over all appearance.


Lining the edges of your eyelids with eyeliner will immediately draw focus to your gorgeous face. A white liner can be used to make your eye appear wider or to add drama and excitement to an already dramatic liner style. Whether it is a thin line to support lash density or bold lines that demand attneion, this element is a makeup must-have.

Full, fluttering eyelashes can be the difference between looking nice and looking positively unforgettable. While some women prefer to apply false eyelashes to remedy thin lash lines, most of us do not have the time or, let’s be honest, the patience. There are hundreds of mascaras to choose from, but Maybelline makes some of the most highly reviewed. Whichever ones you choose, be sure that it maximizes both the length and the volume of your eyelashes.

With the convenient world of online shopping, it’s now easier than ever to get major brands like L’Oreal in Malaysia. Your eyes communicate hundreds of things to people who look into them. Make sure that yours are saying exactly what you want them to. Makeup should be expressive so let your face tell the world how you feel.


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