Oh God, i’m definitely the last person hurriedly writing an introductory post. Such is my life – rush rush rush hurry hurry hurry.

I’m not very old. I turned 23 last Good Friday. Unfortunately (or fortunately), i look rather young for my age. This is probably due to my short stature and kiddy looking face. Someone even mistook me for 16 last year. Not that i was complaining, i was squealing for joy. I used to want to look more mature last year for work. After friends’ children started calling me ‘auntie’, panic ensued and looking young doesn’t seem bad anymore.

I grew up in Penang, Newcastle and KL and have settled down here since. The thing i love about cities is that there’s always something to do. The last time i spent a week in a small town… i ended up watching DVD after DVD, lying around, eating constantly and baking cookies (to eat more -_-). So yeah, i love my peaceful getaways but i’m a city girl at heart.

I started working right after college… no, wait. Now that i think of it, i was working even during college. My reasoning is that my allowance wasn’t enough to support my penchant for funky clothes, holidays, food and wine. Right after getting a silly little paper that states i have a considerable amount of knowledge in Advertising & Graphic Design, i dived into copywriting.

During those few months, i dabbled in some freelance photography work and before i knew it, i was working in a magazine as a photographer. Because i’ve always loved writing as well, i insisted i contribute some articles too, just to make sure my skills as a writer didn’t dwindle and shoot down the drain. That went pretty well for awhile. There was security, a monthly salary, fun, everything could be claimed for…

Then i ventured into freelancing four months ago. Now i write and shoot for a few publications like KLue, Vida!, FACES and The Malay Mail. I do a very equal balance of both writing and photography and couldn’t be luckier in that sense. I also shoot for Expatriate Lifestyle magazine as well as events and stock imagery for various corporate companies.

Why am i talking about work? I don’t want to talk about work anymore. I have enough of it whirling around in my head as it is!

Okay okay random facts about me.

Let’s see, i rarely watch terrestial TV. I don’t have the time and i’m always out. Only recently (by influence from a certain freckled person) have i started watching lots of TV shows like Lost, Oz, Prisonbreak, Arrested Development… i’m going to stop, cos the list *is* really long.

I love nature. My friends hate taking hiking trips with me cos i’m always stooping to take pictures of flowers, leaves and moss. “Joyce. That leaf… looks JUST like the one you took just now,” they’d complain, hurrying me along. I just find it fascinating how the colours and composition of nature is so perfectly set.

I love partying. I think my energy for partying has decreased somewhat tho. Must be the age 0_o. No. NO. I’m young young younnng….

It’s easier for me to list down what i *don’t* like to eat, then what i do. I love food. I love that i’m living in a country where there are all sorts of food available at any time of the day. I think i must have some Indian blood in me somewhere for i have an absolute fondness for curry, colourful sarees and… beer.

I have atrocious memory. Atrocious. Very very horrible. I think it’s due to drinking cos alcohol *does* shrink a female’s brain twice as fast as a male’s. I’d either forget name or faces. Sometimes both >_