At the same time, the government will also introduce community service for those who commit traffic offences.

These measures would help to eliminate the problem of overcrowding in prisons, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said after a six-hour visit to Kajang prison yesterday.

The introduction of both systems is provided for in the Prison (Amendment) Bill 2007 which was passed in parliament last year.

Under the parole system, a prisoner with a minimum one-year jail sentence will be eligible for parole after serving half the term.

But those imprisoned for sexual crimes or crimes under the Kidnapping Act, Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act, Dangerous Drugs Act and Internal Security Act are not eligible.

Syed Hamid said that some 36,672 inmates were now cramped in prisons, waiting for trial or under remand.


Are we, Malaysia as a whole ready for a parole system? Why can’t we just build more prisons to eliminate the issue of overcrowding?