To tell the truth, I am in two minds over blogging more about Nurin Jazlin. On one hand, I am aware of the public scrutiny on this high profile case, which is undoubtedly taking its toll on Nurin’s family. I wouldn’t want to be in a quarter of their shoes at these trying times. I am not a journalist nor am I in the print media business, but I can understand how easy certain situations can turn out to be a media circus.

On the other hand, it is difficult not to feel affected by Nurin’s case. We are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles and aunties to our loved ones. The entire nation is shocked and outraged over the psychotic brutality dealt to Nurin Jazlin (and the couple other kids who were attacked in the same manner, though escaped with their lives intact), and are naturally concerned with the development of this tragic case. We want our streets to be safer for us and our kids. We want the perpetrator(s) to be traced, caught and be punished accordingly. We are reminded to always be vigilant against shifty and shady characters around us, even if they are part of our families, or they are our neighbours, or just a random stranger across the street. We cherish those whom we love and try our best to protect them, and we grieve alongside those who were robbed of the opportunity to do the same.

A side note: according to a blog set up by Nurin’s uncle as part of their efforts to search for Nurin Jazlin, Nurin’s parents; Jazimin and Norazian were asked to identify the body for a second time yesterday. To quote:

In the inspection, all family members were positively sure that the body did not resemble Nurin.

We left the Mortuary at around 4 pm. Not once had the police told us that they think the body was Nurin nor asked the the family to bring back the body for burial. ( Blog post link )

The press conference issued by the Selangor police chief was held at 2.30 p.m. yesterday. Nurin’s family found out the results of the DNA tests via the TV3 8 p.m. news.

What was more horrified was the statement saying that the parents had refused to accept the DNA results given to them in the afternoon, when in actual fact, the parents were not told of anything of that sort.

More horrified was the statement that the parents might have a hidden agenda for not agreeing to the DNA results and the whole tragedy could be related to problems with “loan sharks”.

At 10 p.m. that night, Jazimin and his brothers went to meet with the PJ OCPD, who then confirmed the results with the family.

I think that unless police investigations call for suspicions to be cast on Nurin’s family, they should be spared from unfounded and hurtful allegations.

Meanwhile, Nurin’s uncle wrote on the blog that the body would be claimed this morning, and the burial would most probably be held after Friday prayers today.