I just got back from Singapore a couple of hours ago. I think the boys and i made it in good time seeing there were road works and some horrid traffic caused by two even-more-horrid accidents.

My reason of being there this weekend was no, not for the Great Singapore Sale, but for their indie music festival – Baybeats – held on the Esplanade. I’m quite proud of myself really, i refrained from losing sanity and purchasing tons of items save for a few accessories (that i haven’t seen in KL) and a top. That’s it. Four items.

Now, is that self-restraint or is that self-restraint?

baybeats Singapore 2006

Back to Baybeats. It’s a three-day festival featuring bands from Malaysia, US, Norway, Japan and (of course) Singapore. The bands from Malaysia whom were invited were Love Me ButchOne Buck Short, Furniture, Ferns and Bittersweet.

“They always ask Love Me Butch to perform every year. Singapore lovesss them,” disclosed a participating band member.

Alrighty then.

Security was awfully strict at the festival. There was a barricaded area where people had to be body-checked before entering. Knowing most liberal youngsters, most couldn’t give a damn about being body-checked, and opted at standing outside said area instead.

And if you so much as *tried* to mosh, goddamn. Security would have stopped it in two seconds flat. They were even seen pulling a dude’s hair when he was making a ruckus.

“C’mon security, chill out!” yelled One Buck Short lead singer, Mooky, in jest.

He got cock stares from the working men.

I’m not saying security is being too strict whatsoever. i would think i have no say in this as i’m not one who loves to mosh. Me, mosh? No. I’m too small to mosh. I’d get trampled on. The last time i got stuck at a Rock The World mosh, three male friends had to pull me out cos i *couldn’t* get out of the wild circle.

Upon questioning other performers, one of them said, “C’mon man… moshing is part of this music culture. They see it as being a nuisance, but these guys just wanna have fun man.”

moshing or the lack of it during Baybeats, Singapore

Well, in contrary to the moshing, i was astonished to see a huge amount of litter everywhere. My first time. Seeing litter scattered abundantly in Singapore.

Singapore, you know!? The country famous for fining for littering!

Maybe they were done by the foreigners. Maybe they were done by rebellious rockers. And maybe they could have enforced as much force unto the people who litter, as much as the ones who wanted to mosh. Cos for now, when i think of my last trip to Singapore, all i see in my mind is green grass with patches of white garbage spread all around.


And to think my Malaysian friends and i didn’t even dare litter our entire stay in the country.

(Damn, will i be banned from S’pore 0_o )