When I was much, much younger, my parents got us a bicycle. You know, the old school one with a small basket in front. Growing up in a single-storey terrace house meant that there was very limited space to utilise the bicycle. It was not something I was willing to give up; so proud I was of my ability to ride the bicycle well. So one day defying my parents’ wishes that I should never go out by myself, I took the bicycle out for a good, long ride. When I got home, I was faced with a worried, anxious, angry mother, and an extra long rotan.

If I had gone missing and found dead and stuffed in a bag a month later, would my parents be charged with negligence?

Parents (generally) do the best they can. Not everyone has the privilege of hiring maids and nannies to care for their children, keeping an eye on them 24/7 while they go earn their bread and butter.

Of course, in the case of Madeleine McCann, I have much sympathy, but also much anger towards the parents. There is a vast difference between ditching your three young children while the two of you have dinner at a restaurant (I don’t care how nearby it is), and thinking that your daughter went to the night market with her sister because that was what she usually did (and was told to do).

So I hope Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri keeps all that in mind before emphatically exclaiming, “Law is law… we need to take action, nobody can slip away.”

KUALA KANGSAR: The possibility of the police charging the parents of murder victim Nurin Jazlin Jazimin for alleged negligence is in accordance with provisions in the Child Protection Act 2001.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said: “Law is law …we need to take action, nobody can slip away.”

The minister, who is in charge of law and legal matters, was asked to comment on the statement by Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan on the possibility of the police charging Jazimin Abdul Jalil, 33, and his wife, Norazian Bistaman, 35, for negligence.

On Friday, Musa said Jazimin and Norazian were being investigated for possible negligence. He had said they may face charges under the act if investigations showed their negligence had contributed to Nurin’s death. ( Story link )