Many Products Make The Claim Of Botox In A Bottle


There are many anti-aging treatments, procedure and products on the market for those who want to keep a youthful appearance. To avoid painful, invasive or expensive procedures and remedies, more and more people are looking at cosmetic applications that claim to be “Botox in a Bottle”. Many also claim that these products are effective and that the users actually benefit from them long term. Claims that products lift sagging cheek and neck tissue, reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, remove wrinkles, crow’s feet and lines, and even out colour and skin tone results in these products flying off the shelves and phone lines and websites becoming overloaded with customers who want to place orders. Whether the claim is of immediate effects or restoration over time, these products are in great demand from a public that want to fight the effects of aging on their appearance.
Woman having facial toxin release massage.

Not only do companies claim that their products have the same effects, some dermatologists also through their weight as experts behind products and give them endorsements. Some products also have the weight of clinical trials and scientific documentation in journals that confirm that products are effective remedies that lessen the effects of aging. Those who desire the effects of Botox fillers without the painfulness of the Botox injection site should also find out exactly what make such products effective. Some companies claim that their product increases collagen or have the same effect as prescription creams. Some products do contain ingredients with proven results such as Vitamin B3, pro-rentinol and peptides that dermatologist endorse for their anti-aging effects. Other products include creams that reportedly relax muscles to soften lines and wrinkles, creams with hyaluric acids that the skin absorbs to maintain moisture and plumpness, and dimethecone that fills in lines just as Botox fillers. There is also microdermabrasion which uses round micro-crystals to exfoliate skin and botanicals to sooth the skin, and, overtime, the treatment reduces lines and dark spots resulting in smoother, younger looking skin. Other product that claim to brighten and repair dark spots contain NIA-114, niacin, and lessen the effects of scarring and sun damage over a four week period of time.

One question that should be considered is whether the goal is to improve the skin or to improve its look. There are products that claim to contain and stimulate elastin, the natural protein that the body makes to firm the skin, and it bonds to the skin to help lift and tighten sagging skin. Glycolic acid is also reportedly used to stimulate cell turnover resulting in firmer skin tone. Other creams that claim the same effects prevent the muscles movement that cause wrinkles and allow the skin to rejuvenate during the temporary freezing effect. Other products that claim the Botox filler effect works by filling in dents, pores and line to make the skin appear softer and smoother but the effects wash away along with the cream. These products use light diffusers that create a reflective quality to smooth the appearance and give the skin an airbrush quality. Although this product work instantly, it does not have long lasting effects or improve the condition of the skin over time.

If you want the effects of Botox fillers and want to avoid pain at the Botox injection site, finding a product that with long lasting and accumulative results is a viable option. The chances of finding a product that work and gives the appearance and effect you desire may increase if it contains ingredients that have been proven by scientific trials to be effective. Whether the product works instantly or takes up to a month for the effect to be more visibly noticeable, the key is finding the product that lives up to its promise and is safe to use. One of these products may turn out to be the anti-aging miracle you seek.


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