Losing Weight’s The Easy Part: Here’s How to Maintain It!

Losing Weight’s The Easy Part: Here’s How to Maintain It!

Anybody can lose weight. But very few people are able to keep that weight off for good. Maintaining a fit physique requires both knowledge and consistent effort. Unfortunately, it’s much easier said than done. If you’ve recently dropped some serious poundage and can’t stand the thought of reverting back to the old you, here’s what you should do.

Stay Consistent with Exercise and Diet

To shed the weight that you’ve already lost, chances are that you started to work out more and eat more nutritious foods. These two are the cornerstones of healthy living and obtaining a slim and sexy body. But don’t make the mistake of cutting back on either once you’ve reached a weight loss goal. That’s how it all comes back–slowly and surely. Make exercise and diet a priority in your life.



Increase Meal Frequency, Decrease Meal Size

Who knew that eating more would help you lose weight? It’s true. Eating more meals per day at regular intervals will speed up your metabolic rate and help you burn more calories throughout the day as you’re resting. The catch is to make your meals smaller to lower caloric intake. Aim for five to seven meals each day, and try to eat once every two to three hours.




Eat Lean Protein with Every Meal

Going hand-in-hand with upping meal frequency is adding a lot more protein to your diet. Proteins help build muscle to give your body curves and shape. The body works harder to metabolize proteins, and this expends more energy and calories. They also take longer to digest, keeping you fuller throughout the day, and this reduces the risk for overeating.



Lower Consumption of Foods Based on White Rice

White rice is a staple food in the Asian diet, but it is full of simple sugars that contribute to fat gain and weight gain. When the sugars in white rice aren’t used immediately as energy for physical activities, they store as body fat.



Use a Slimming Cream to Eliminate Cellulite

Diet and exercise will help you lose weight, but it might not be enough to help you look your best after the weight is gone. Many women still retain unsightly cellulite after dropping a good number of pounds, but slimming creams are great for cellulite removal. Fat often forces through spaces where connective tissues have become weak, but these creams can make those dimples disappear by dehydrating fat cells with natural ingredients like spices and herbs.




Enjoy Yourself

One thing that many women seem to forget while maintaining weight loss is to enjoy life. Yes, strict diets and intense workouts aren’t always fun, but they don’t have to be unbearable either. Eat well for most of the week, but don’t forget to reward yourself with a favorite meal on the weekends. It’s much easier to stay consistent with a healthy meal plan when you indulge once in a while. Participate in sports and other physical activities that you can have fun doing.


Losing weight isn’t actually that easy, but it is compared to keeping it off for a very long time. We always find excuses to eat poorly and skip workouts, but that should never become a habit. If you’ve already worked your butt off to get to where you are today, don’t sabotage your efforts by getting lazy. Do everything in your power to maintain the body you worked so hard for.

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