First of all, before I begin, may I just say that:

1) I am a Chinese and I’m not a racist against my own race;
2) this doesn’t apply to all Chinese, just most (of the ones I know, heard of, and watched on TV)

A friend and I were talking about my extremely cute little 2 year-old nephew and how his mum once said to him “you’re such a cute baby. look at that baby there. he’s so ugly”. First of all, on an adult level, that’s just bad parenting. Secondly, my little nephew does not need someone to teach him to judge others, as he will learn that when he’s judged by society as he grows older. And that would be in 3 years’ time, when he enters kindergarten and the social part comes to play.

you’re too fat.
… too thin (rarely happens).
you’re not a doctor, lawyer, accountant.
you’re still single at 35.
you’re still single because you’re gay.
you’re married without kids…
… or worse, not married with kids…
you don’t have a car…
… much less a house.

That brings us to another thing. That most are very judgemental, and dare I say this equates shallowness (if there’s such a word).

Before I go on, again, these don’t apply to all Chinese, just most.

Family members who have not seen you for a while (”a while” being weeks, months, years) will most likely, in the following order:

1) Ask how you are (occasionally) and promptly go on to comment on your physical appearance
“Wow you’re so fair. Your hair’s long now. You’re so tanned. You put on weight. You lost so much weight.”

2) Ask about your marital status
If you’re single, are there no potential girls? no potential guys?
If you’re with someone, be prepared to be put on the witness stand.
If you’re married, where are the kids?
If you’re married with one kid, when is the next one coming? If your first born was a boy, a girl would be good to balance the siblings relationship out. But if you’re Chinese and the first born is a boy, let’s hope that the second born is a boy too.

3) Ask about your job
Who what when where why how about your job.
Who are you working for?
What do you do and what company is it?
When did you start?
Where is your office located?
Why did you quit your previous job?
How do you get to work? How much do you get paid?

3.b) Ask about your salary
This is a personal incident that happened last year, asked by 2 people, at 2 separate occasions, weeks apart:
“So how much are you earning now?”
… enough to be comfortable…
“Yeah… so how much is that approximately?”
… approximately enough for me to survive comfortably. Why do you want to know anyway?
“Ooh I’m just concerned about you, you know, if you’re doing okay over there on your own.”

If you wanted to know if I’m doing okay aka my well-being, ask me how I am… if I’m happy here… if I’m coping with my job… if I’m coping living out… if I’m coping with life here. So it’s pretty plain isn’t it…

Happiness = money + beautiful physical appearance.

If you only possess only one of the 2 elements above, you should, if you’re smart, be able to obtain the other i.e. plastic surgery if you have the former, and being a toyboy/ teaser if you have the latter.

*shakes head* I guess I can go on ranting, but I don’t think it’ll reflect very well on me. Ironically, only because I am only trying to reflect on my own kind, from my personal point of view.*****************************

About The Author: plastykcrayon would like to think that she’s a writer as she dreams/ writes/ talks about being one, not doing anything about it, and blames it on her muse by saying that he went on a permanent holiday, when in fact he’s locked up in a white box somewhere in the corner of her mind, screaming his ideas out, trying to overcome the other voices in her head. sounds about right.