hair loss issueHair loss is one of those dreaded truths no one wants to confront. We all lose about 100 hairs daily. It is a common condition the world over. Hair loss is caused by a number of reasons. After childbirth, most women will notice a certain degree of hair loss. Stressed people also experience hair loss. Some of the more common grounds for hair loss include

  • Genetics.
  • Anaemia
  • Aging
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes

There are many natural ways to hair loss treatment. They are easy to apply and work wonders for you if done right.


It works best if used in the morning before a bath. Coconut milk is rich in Vitamin E.It helps to moisturise your hair and keep it healthy. It also contains potassium and has anti-bacterial properties.

indian iliac2.INDIAN LILAC

It works when used once a week to rinse your hair. It has antibacterial properties that help it get rid of Dandruff. It also has properties that promote hair growth by encouraging blood flow to the hair and nourishing the scalp. Indian lilac is also found to eliminate head lice and nits. You should be careful the lilac doesn’t come into contact with your eyes as it can cause a burning sensation.


Works best if used twice a week. It is rich in vitamin c that helps in hair growth and strengthening of hair. It, also, has collagen for hair growth and absorption of iron for strong hair. It has a chemical that helps thicken each hair strand.

greek yogurt4.GREEK YOGHURT

It has unique properties that make it a natural conditioner for hair. It contains Vitamin B5 and anti-bacterial properties that help in hair growth. It also has a chemical called Probiotics that leads to glossy hair that glows.


It is probably the most common hair treatment available today. It has been described as the magic plant and is used to treat all sorts of disease. It is also common in most beauty products and is used for hair treatments too. It is best when used thrice a week. It works by balancing the PH levels between the hair and scalp hence promotes hair growth. It is advised not to use it if you are latex intolerant.



It has many natural properties that help in hair growth. It is used to prevent dandruff, promote hair growth, split ends and prevent greying of the hair. Its tea is used to rinse the hair.

Sometimes these remedies won’t work and you have to seek hair loss treatment. Malaysia has a very advanced hair treatment technology. They have heavily invested in this area of research and have many ways to handle the various cases. Hair transplant in Malaysia has also seen many patients from far and wide visit the Asian country.


Don’t be shy to seek professional help when home remedies fail.


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