How to Cover Up Skin Pigmentation With Makeup

Skin Pigmentation


If you were ever in your teens with zits, then you already know how annoying it can be to cover those tiny spots up. As an adult, you’ll have other problems aside from blemishes.

Dark spots and overall skin pigmentation and blotchiness plague older adults because during their lifetimes, they’ve likely had a scar or two, some blemishes and lots of time in the sun. Adulthood is when all of these things often comes back to haunt you.

But fortunately, there are things you can do to combat skin pigmentation, and one of the best things to use is makeup. Yes, even regular, drug store variety, run of the mill makeup can do wonders for overall skin pigmentation. Here’s the best ways to use makeup to cover up those spots and that blotchiness.


How To Cover Hyperpigmentation / Skin Pigmentation Using MakeUp


Problem: Overall Blotchiness
Many older women have trouble with overall skin blotchiness on their face. They tend to feel as though their skin pigmentation is okay but their skin tone is not at all even.

Makeup Solution: This remedy is fairly simple. If your blotchiness is quite severe and very noticeable, go for a thicker foundation and blend it well with a sponge or makeup foundation brush. If you have less discoloration but just some overall splotchiness, try a tinted lotion on your face. The small added color will take care of the blotches.


Problem: Acne Scars
Sometimes, acne scars do not go away for a very long time. People will have certain, deep acne scars for years and even decades.

Makeup Solution: Because of their typical bluish hues, acne scars tend to be one of the most difficult skin pigmentations to fix. Look for one that is made to cover things like tattoos if your spots are quite dark and noticeable, and make sure to blend.


Skin Pigmentation Using MakeUp


Problem: Sun Spots or Age Spots
Sun and age spots appear in your 40s, 50s and 60s, and they seem to keep coming.

Makeup Solution: These feisty little things need serious coverage with a thick concealer, but your biggest concern will be blending with a setting powder to get the concealer to stay all day.


Problem: Adult Onset Acne
Yes, adults can get acne too. It’s often much less aggressive, but it’s still very annoying.

Makeup Solution: In this case, use a similar concealer as you did with the sun and age spots, but find one that has a natural acne-fighting proponent built right in.


Problem: More Severe Skin Pigmentation
In some adults, the pigmentation problem can be much more noticeable and severe, and in these cases, you might night makeup as you’ll see below, but you will also want to get a professional pigmentation treatment in Singapore to take care of the underlying problem.
Makeup Solution: You should look for a professional grade concealer to cover up darker areas of pigmentation, and if you have any areas that are lighter than your natural skin color, fill those areas in with a thicker foundation that matches your natural skin color.

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