I am sure you are suitably horrified and angered by the brutal torture and murder of an unknown young child.


She was so young, between 8 and 10 years old. Other than the horrific circumstances of her murder, nothing is known about her. Who is she? Where did she come from? Where are her parents? Does she have a family? Had she been abandoned? Or kidnapped? What could have led to a child like this meeting such a horrendous fate? And why has no one come forward to claim her as their own? It is beyond human capacity to imagine that such a thing could happen. But so was the unspeakable crime that was done to her by a perpetrator, or perpetrators, still at large. We publish this picture for the outrage. Outrage at the child-preying monsters out there among us. Outrage that no parent has missed this child. Outrage that life in this country should still be seared by anguish like this.

I will not publish the said photo on Monsterblog. You can view it via the NST link above. While I am sure that these terrible crimes happen everywhere else in the world, and they could end up worse, it hits harder when it happens on home ground.

I can only pray for peace for the young victim, and fervently hope that the monster who did that to her be caught, or that he or she be given back their own doses by higher powers.