Nobody is perfect, in fact every person has a part of their body that they are not happy with and would like to change. For many, changing a specific area of the body can be as simple as changing diet and exercise. For others, no matter how healthy their lifestyle is, the fat will not go away. For problem areas such as the hips, thighs and stomach, there are options such as surgery. However, many people are not willing to undergo surgery for this type of problem. Luckily, there are alternatives such as ZELTIQ coolsculpting treatments.

How Does It Work?


Coolsculpting treatments are not plastic surgery. These treatments are non-evasive and use a cooling process that works with the fat cells, rather than against them. The fat cells are frozen underneath the skin, freezing them until they no longer exist. This happens by crystalizing the fat cells. Once they are crystalized to a certain point, the fat cells die naturally, providing with an even, toned area of your body. The process does not freeze the skin or any of the healthy cells that surround the fat cells you are working on. Fat freezing in Malaysia is becoming a growing trend due to the pain free nature of the treatment.


Why is Coolsculpting Better Than Other Treatments?


Because there are so many fat-reducing products and procedures on the market, anyone interested in getting rid of fat should understand how coolsculpting has a number of benefits that surgery, lasers or other products do not have. First, because the coolsculpting procedure is non-evasive, you will not have to deal with the potential for scars, burns or bruises directly after the procedure. That also means no needles, no scalpels and no suction devices.


Another benefit of the coolsculpting procedure is that it is convenient. If you decide to make an appointment for the procedure, the whole process should only take you less than an hour to have the consultation and undergo the treatment. There is even time to squeeze it into your lunch break. Since the treatment is pain free you can go straight back to the office afterwards. That means even the busiest person can fit this into their schedule. An added benefit to the procedure process is that there is no down time after having a procedure. You can get back to your busy day without any pain or special instructions to follow.

Seeing the Results For Yourself


One of the top questions anyone considering this type of procedure has is when they will notice the results. Most patients will notice results after the first treatment. While it may not be near the end result yet, the first coolsculpting treatment does provide a noticeable reduction in the amount of fat in the area that is being worked on. Over the course of a few months, you will be able to get your problem areas into shape. The specific amount of treatments will depend on the plan that you and your doctor put together. You and your doctor may decide to treat multiple areas, all of which will follow a similar type of customized treatment plan.


As long as you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle during and after treatment, your results can be long lasting. Without pills, potions, scalpels and surgery you can get the body that you want to have by saying goodbye to unwanted fat cells in your body. Why not try coolsculping yourself? Speak with a specialist to learn more about fat freezing in Malaysia today.

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