“The cost of these weapons have escalated greatly and they do not give any returns of investment, nor can they contribute anything to a society at peace.

“This fact drives the countries producing these weapons to seek war. Then these weapons can actually be used,” he said in his keynote address at the 1st International Conference by the Centre for Defence Information Studies in Havana, Cuba yesterday.

His speech text titled “Security Problems in Asia and Their Possible Impact on World Stability” was faxed to Bernama here.

Dr Mahathir said in order to get a return on their investments, the producers had aggressively promoted the sale of weapons, and the countries that were persuaded to equip their armed forces with these weapons had to incur huge expenditures.

“The people who sell arms are in fact the people who create insecurity,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said war was no longer an option in the settlement of conflicts between nations since the capacity of modern weapons to inflict death and destruction was so enormous.

“Additionally, war has become prohibitively costly. Even the United States, rich as it is said to be, is now practically penniless because of the war in Iraq.”

Touching on Asia, Dr Mahathir said apart from the fighting in West Asia, the rest of Asia had been a peaceful region.

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Come to think of it, it’s very true how weapons and so-called “defense” equipment are costly, and yet there is no real return on investment on them.

If only everyone agreed to take a peaceful solution towards every issue, then weapon producers would cease to exist and that would also bring about the increase in intellectual discourse amongst our leaders which will greatly benefit every nation on Earth.