Don’t Sweat It – 3 Telltale Signs It’s Time to See a Doctor for Excessive Sweating

For as frustrating and uncomfortable as it may be to sweat, it’s a necessary body function that keeps our skin healthy and hydrated. But there are times when sweat can become excessive, bordering on the unnatural, and making it difficult to go about our daily duties without being distracted. What’s more, excessive sweating can also be a sign of other health problems. If you suspect that you’re releasing more sweat than you should, it would be wise to see a doctor so you can fight excessive sweating. When exactly is it time to see a specialist? Find out here.


  • Sweating Without Activity – It’s common for people to sweat when engaged in physical activity. That’s because the body generates heat when exercising. So to dissipate the heat, and to bring your temperature to normal levels, the body releases water in the form of sweat. Without this function, high body temperatures will persist. The body would overheat, and this may potentially cause organ malfunction. If you experience sweating even without physical activity, it could be possible that you need to see a doctor.
  • Sweating In Cold Conditions – Just as when working out, the body will heat up when exposed to hot environmental conditions. Walking under the sun for prolonged periods of time, or sunbathing during the summer can cause the body to produce more sweat. This is necessary to prevent skin damage caused by hot environments, to help keep skin hydrated, as well as to prevent cracks and flaking skin. However, if you find that you still sweat even when you’re in air-conditioned or cold environments, it’s necessary that you see a doctor for the problem.dont-sweat-it-1024x535
  • Sweating Causes Problems With Daily Functioning – Those who don’t experience sweating problems won’t always understand how sweat can interfere with daily functioning. However, anyone who has gone through the problem will tell you that sweat can in fact affect how everyday tasks are performed. For instance, a person who has excessively sweaty palms can have difficulty turning door knobs or handling knives in the kitchen. This isn’t only a problem in terms of functioning, but is also a safety hazard. For some, sweating excessively in the underarms can cause issues with socialization, preventing them from engaging in social practices to avoid anyone noticing the issue. When your excessive sweating gets in the way of doing and enjoying life, you should consider to seek a medical help.


Who to See for Excessive Sweating

It’s important to choose the right doctor in order to help you resolve excessive sweating. After approaching your primary doctor, you may get direction to a specialist who can best assist you with your problem. Often, dermatologists are those capable for helping with excessive sweating, but other specialists can be involved if the case calls for it. Sometimes, surgeons are called in to remove sweat glands, or to sever nerves that activate sweat production in extreme cases. Be sure to talk to your primary doctor first in order to get a better understanding of your condition and the best course of action for you.

There is no need to suffer through excessive sweat. Be sure to keep yourself healthy and problem-free by seeing your doctor for sweat-related problems if you suspect that you’re producing more than you should. This way, you can enjoy your everyday life without a sweat.

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