ShaolinTiger - The Diver!

Well hi…I guess as all the others have such interesting introductory posts, I should stick to something a little more formulaic no? So as not to upset the balance and all..

I’m ShaolinTiger and welcome to my little corner on the MONSTER Blog.

I’ll be writing mostly about SCUBA Diving a great hobby of mine and life in general as an expat in Malaysia (which can be trying at times let me tell you!).

Malaysia really is a fantastic country for diving, it has some of the best dive spots in the world in East Malaysia and the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia. I really think if you don’t dive here, unless you are Hydrophobic you have no excuse at all. You are really missing out on a completely different world down there.

I’ll be posting pictures too don’t worry, so all of you land lovers can share the beauties from underwater.

I’m PADI certified Open Water & Advanced Open Water so I can do deep dives and night dives, I was on my way to being a divemaster but got caught up with some other stuff.

The food over here in Malaysia is also something that gives me huge gastronomic pleasures, but to see more of that you need to head over to KY’s spot where I might team up with him for some reviews. If you are interested you could also check out the Food Category on my own site.

I also enjoy a variety of martial arts, cooking all kinds of weird things and I’ve recently taken up digital photography with a spanking new Nikon D70s! You can check out my photography site at

Well glad to see you here, so do jump in and leave some comments on our posts, they will be moderated so they may not show up immediately but they will show up!