Cure for Balding: Male Pattern Baldness



Every adult on the planet has some degree of male or female pattern baldness. The range can stretch from the loss of a few whiskers up to complete baldness. Where you fall in that range is a matter of genetics and if your forebears suffered from vast hair loss, it is a sure sign that you too will be fighting a losing battle against baldness. And for those on the more unfortunate side of that range, it is often a condition met with at least some sadness with hair frequently being a signal for not only that person’s youth but also his or her personality.


Cure for Balding


Fortunately, we live in a different time than our ancestors with all the accumulated knowledge and technology of the world. These days, the battle against baldness is not lost and there are host of techniques and medicines that can help slow the loss of hair or prevent baldness entirely. Following are a few options you may consider if you suffer from male or female pattern baldness.


Artificially, there is the corticosteroid, which is an anti-inflammatory drug. These can be taken orally, through injection, or in the form of creams or ointments. The way in which the steroid is taken effects the manner in which it works. If the drug is taken orally, then it only combats a reduced period of hair loss due to conditions unrelated to male or female pattern baldness. Injections, however, are placed directly into the affected patch(es) of the scalp. After the injection you can expect hair regrowth in only a month. Ointments and creams are likewise applied directly to the affected patches of the scalp.


A Cure for Baldness


A more natural way of promoting the growth of your hair is through the introduction of vitamins. There are a few vitamins for hair that have been proven essential. As pattern baldness is often pushed through the proliferation of a hormone that blocks the supply of nutrients to the hair, vitamins such as Vitamin C, Zinc, fish oil and flax seed prevent hair loss by supplementing those nutrients. Not only will these vitamins impede the loss of your hair, they work to promote hair growth that results in a healthier, thicker and shinier look due to the essential nutrients provided. It’s growth promoted from inside the body, so decisive results can take a few months to show but, unlike artificial treatments, vitamins offer little side effects as they are naturally occurring.


The all-around balding cure has yet to be found or invented, but there are plenty of options to combat male and female pattern baldness and give your hair a healthier look. Vitamins, in particular, offer a safe solution that can show a difference in as little as three months.

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