Could Anti-Aging Products Be Harming Your Skin? The Experts Weigh In

Could Anti-Aging Products Be Harming Your Skin? The Experts Weigh In

High-quality skin products have the ability to transform your tissue by making it smoother and firmer. WebMD reports that anti-aging serums often deliver the best results. However, some creams and lotions can do the opposite. Their unhealthy ingredients may irritate your skin or make it more vulnerable to harm.



Doctors and regulators in the United States have warned the public that some anti-aging cosmetics can damage the epidermis. Without this protective layer, your skin becomes far more susceptible to sunburns and cancer. Swelling may occur as well, according to the Daily Telegraph. You can prevent these problems by avoiding products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids.




Some flawed skin lotions feature mercury among their ingredients. They claim to erase wrinkles, acne, freckles and other blemishes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration urges people not to use any product with mercuric ingredients listed on the package. Such substances include calomel and mercurous chloride. Mercury exposure may trigger an itchy skin condition called atopic dermatitis, according to Environmental Health News. It also promotes forgetfulness, eye problems and depression.




Even the best anti-aging lotions can cause allergic reactions in some people. For example, perhaps you have a tree nut allergy. A cream could do more harm than good if it contains almond oil. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using hypoallergenic products whenever possible. It notes that these items induce significantly fewer allergic reactions.




Retinoids often help people rejuvenate their skin. However, they can cause irritation when combined with other cosmetics. If you use a retinoid, ask your dermatologist before applying astringents or toners that contain alcohol. The same goes for makeup and exfoliants, according to Prevention Magazine. Always read the directions to find warnings about any potentially harmful interactions.

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Improper Use

It’s easy to mistakenly think a product will yield even better results in greater quantities. Nevertheless, some facial cleansers, retinoids and other ointments can irritate your skin when you overuse them. If the instructions don’t warn against it, you may benefit from gradually increasing the amounts you apply.


Basically, you can protect your health by taking the time to thoroughly research anti-aging products before you purchase or use them. Check the ingredient lists, read multiple reviews and buy goods from reputable retailers. Look elsewhere if a cream or serum package doesn’t reveal its ingredients. With a little extra effort, you’ll find a product that truly revitalises your skin without harming it.

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