Botox Side Effects

About Botox

The term Botox can be described as a neutotoxic protein. This is an item that is produced commercially for cosmetic, medical, as well as for research. Botulinum toxin type A and Botulinum toxin type B are the two main commercial types. There are injections that are used to induce muscle activity. The botulinum injections are also used for medical purposes. This may include the treatment of urinary dysfunction, spasms, and these injections have proven to be highly beneficial for the treatment of numerous medical conditions. The treatments are typically tolerated very well. There are some side effects of Botox.

botulinum injections are also used for medical purposes

The Side Effects

Botox may have side effects or reactions when used. The following may be included in the list of the side effects. This would include:

* muscle weakness
* bleeding
* pain
* nausea
* diarrhea
* bruising
* fever
* cough

There may be numerous reactions and effects that may occur. The injections are safe when an experienced doctor performs them. The most common side effects would include bruising and swelling at the site of the injection. These injections may lead to some of the other effects. These affects include:

* dry eye or tearing that is excessive
* crooked smile
* eyelid droop
* cockeyed smile

Unlikely Side Effects

There may be other effects that could have the ability to spread. There is a highly unlikely chance that these affects could spread to other parts of the body. The spreading could cause symptoms and botulism-like signs. There is an unlikely chance that the following side effects could occur. These include:

* loss of bladder control
* trouble breathing
* vision problems
* muscle weakness

Relatively Safe

Botox injections have been known to be a relatively safe choice. This would be when a qualified doctor performs and administers them. It is always wise to be informed of the possible side effects. If any of the above side effects occurred, a trained medical staff would need to be informed.

Medical and Cosmetic Uses

Botox does have several uses. This would be for medical purposes as well as for cosmetic reasons. This option is known to be quite safe and does have many benefits. The listed side effects might be rare to experience.

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