Welcome to MonsterBlog, and we hope you have gotten to know our members well after their introduction. Many of them are familiar faces in Malaysian Blogosphere, and as MonsterBlog grows, we hope to add a few more to a growing community. We will be adding another separate blog soon, where we review the latest gadgets in the market, putting them through the paces to ensure that you know what you will be paying for. Blogs and gadgets, their rather synanamous synonymous and the new blog will be part of the range of read that will be offered here.

But that’s another matter.

We’re here to discuss the blogosphere, or rather what’s happening in and around it. Like how the Mad Druid went to Bangkok, met some angels and a beauty queen. Makes the trip worth it actually. I miss Thailand. Sigh.

Speaking of angels, here’s one who tries her hand at plucking some strings. While the babe handles the neck, I can’t help but wonder what are those things hanging by the stairs. Boxers? Ask the angel man.

Here’s another monster on a trek. Auckland is worth the visit, and this monster offers some rather good pictures. We were promised more, and we can’t wait. They say a good picture says a lot more than words ever can hope. Well, here’s something about making a good picture better.

On a more poignant note, there’s Bob jotting down that lives are worth infinitely more than politics. I can’t agree more really, for once when I was still blogging, I always made it a point to try and fathom what politics really meant. I failed, and coming across posts like these remind me that there are more important things sometimes, and those thing begin from our hearts. Jot on Bob.

Last but not least, there’s a writer who may have a point. Hey, but if you won’t come to Monster, this is Monster, coming to you.

And by the way, welcome aboard, brother.