Bad Habits That Causes Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is more fragile and about a tenth of an inch thinner than skin on the rest of your body. Oil glands are limited in this area, making the skin even more delicate and vulnerable to damage from physical and environmental factors. Dryness, fine lines and pigmentation are some of the common issues, which are avoidable if you became more aware of some of your own habits and practises that contribute to premature skin aging.


Inadequate Sun Protection

The effects of using the best eye cream available will be negated if you don’t make an effort to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight. Wearing sunglasses without UV protection because they happen to be fashionable will force you to squint and scrunch your eyes against bright light, contributing to the appearance of fine lines at the corners of your eyes. Neglecting to apply an eye cream with SPF will not do your eye area any favours either as excessive sun exposure contributes to wrinkles and pigmentation.



Undue Pressure on your Lids and Around your Eyes

Whether it is a nervous tic or a response to tired eyes, rubbing your eyes will not do your lids and eye area any favours. Excessive rubbing and harsh scrubbing can damage the delicate network of blood vessels around your eye. This may cause puffiness and redness, making eye bags more prominent. Harsh treatment of the skin around your eyes causes fine lines that eventually become permanent and prominent without proper care that includes consistent application of an anti aging cream.



Spending Long Periods in Front of a Computer Screen

Spending long hours working intensely on a computer screen may be unavoidable if your job or lifestyle is dependent on electronic devices. Focusing on something too intently increases blinking, which can be drying to the eyes. Dry eyes can lead to eye strain, irritation in the eye region and headaches. Eye specialists recommend taking a five-minute break every hour, use of artificial tears for your eyes and an anti-glare filter for your screen.



Sleeping in a Face Down Position

Sleeping with your face pressed into the pillow may cause creases that could become premature wrinkles. In the delicate eye area, these creases can easily become permanent especially if you have been neglecting the anti wrinkle cream before bedtime. Use an eye mask, and train your body to sleep in the supine position.



Improper Skin Care Regimen

It’s tempting to fall into bed with the day’s make-up and goo on your face, but this habit causes skin blemishes and premature aging. Especially in the eye area, make sure to remove makeup thoroughly with a cleanser suited to your skin. Apply the best eye cream you can afford every night to prevent dry skin that leads to fine lines.


Your eyes can give away your age, and without proper care of the delicate skin in the eye area, you may be giving off the wrong vibe. Some habits that may seem harmless to you may actually be aging your eye area more than you know.

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