A reader of this blog Judie Teh is appealing for help for her sick father who is now in Kampung Segamat Baru in Johor. He was evacuated to this village when Segamat was affected by the floods last night. This village is now cut off by floodwaters and Judie’s father is running out of medication. (Mr Teh is a diabetic and is recovering from a stroke)

Judie who is located in Kuala Lumpur is trying to get medication to her father but to no avail. She has tried contacting the Red Crescent but they could not be reached.

If there are any blogger who knows someone or an organisation who can get into Kg Segamat Baru, please call her. You could help save a life. Her number is 016-2872191.

Help us to lend a hand by also spreading the word/blogging about this so this message may reach out further.

Judie just called with good news. A local clinic in Kg Segamat Baru apparently had some supplies of the medication for Mr Teh and he is now is good hands. Thank you for everyone who responded to the call. In times like this, bloggers can do a lot to assist each other. From Monster bloggers, our prayers are with those still cut off by the floods. Thank you.